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      User AvatarLunar Crew AS

      BPHS Chapter 15 Verse 10-14 states further that: Should the Sun be in the 4th house as the 4th lord is exalted and be with Venus – one will acquire conveyances in his 32nd year.

      Please decode the above ages mentioned as I will post the shlokas in parts to gather more detailed information.

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      User AvatarMihir Sarang

      Given: Sun in 4H, Moon in 2H, Venus in 2H. One will obtain conveyances at age 32.

      Age 32, House code – 10H is active.

      Karaka of 10H is Saturn and Sun. The karaka Sun is placed in 4H (given).

      The Axis between House activated(10H) and Karaka (sun which is in 4H) is 1-7 Axis.

      The karaka of 7H is venus and is placed in 2H with karaka of 4H moon (exalted).

      2H being 11th from 4th house indicates gains related to 4H.


      Age 32, Sign code will be Leo.

      Sun is placed in 4H and is already active as per the house code.

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      User AvatarRohini M

      This Principle was tested with the conjunctions: – Sun in the 4th house, moon in the Tauras Venus in the Gemini.

      The following 2 tables are considered here: From Lunar Astrodata Bank: 1. Juan Maria Solare 2. Pierre Luigi Romita

      According to the tables above, a person has attained the status of age 32 and the cycles of the corresponding years (20,32,44,) and approximately years event has occurred.

      The above sentence – the Sun is in the fourth house, the position of the Sun is not good, so it lost its force/bal, so when the opposite house became active, the Sun gave the result of its own house and the Rashi Of Leo.

      Basically when the planet sitting in the house is not in order then the owner of that house is either responsible for this result or the activity in the opposite house can give effect to the planet sitting in the house.

      I understand this from the verse.


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