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      Chapter 15 Verse 10-14 states that: If the ascendant lord is a benefic while the 4th lord is in fall or in the 11th and the significator (Venus) is in the 12th – the native will obtain conveyances in his 12th year.

      Please decode the above ages mentioned as i will post the shlokas in parts for more detailed information.

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      User AvatarMihir Sarang

      Given: ascendant lord is well placed. 4L is in 11 (moon in 11H) and venus is in 12H, The native will obtain conveyances at age 12.

      Karaka of conveyances is Venus.

      Age 12 will activate 12H in natal chart where venus is placed. Venus is exalted in the 12th house.

      As taught in Q n A session 1, the chart can be rotated by placing karaka in lagna and analyzed.

      Eg making venus as lagna will give idea about wife and married life.

      Making saturn as lagna will give idea about profession and longevity.

      If we rotate chart from venus then moon goes in 12th house (as moon is 12th to venus)

      Moon (natural 4L) and venus both are karakas of conveyances, hence the native will get conveyances, when 12th house gets activated at age 12.

      example/Idea :-ย 

      The karaka of 2H (money) are Jupiter and venus. Hence their activation should bring wealth.

      If we rotate chart from karaka then house code must also work from karaka.

      Hypothesis:- if Venus is placed 12th to Jupiter then it must get activated by house code at age 12 (cycle of house code 12). Since Jupiter is the natural lord of 12 and karaka of 2H, the activation of 12H must bring wealth to the native.

      Search made in databank: Aries ascendant,ย  Jupiter in leo 5H, Venus in Cancer 4H (these placements were selected because Jupiter and venus are comfortable here)

      Following chartย  was selected Randomly from astrodata bank.

      Pierre Guiral (DOB: 3 July 1909, time 1.51, Marseille, France),

      French educator, a secondary school teacher then university professor. He held the contemporary History chair of Aix from 1955. Guiral was the author of many history books, often writing of the history of Marseille and of biographies.

      His publications:-

      List of publications: (Information taken from Wikipedia)

      Prรฉvost-Paradol, 1955.

      Marseille et l’Algรฉrie, 1956.

      Joseph Billioud, Hommage ร  Joseph Billioud3 par Pierre Guiral – 1963

      Adolphe Thiers, ou, De la nรฉcessite en politique, Fayard, 1986

      Clemenceau en son temps, Grasset, 1994

      Hommes, Idรฉes Journaux, Publications de la Sorbonne, 1988

      La vie quotidienne des Dรฉputรฉs en France de 1871 ร  1914, Hachette Littรฉrature, 1980

      La vie quotidienne des Professeurs en France de 1870 ร  1940, Hachette Littรฉrature, 1982

      Les Marseillais dans l’Histoire, 1988

      Histoire de Marseille, 1983

      La Vie quotidienne en France ร  l’รขge d’or du capitalisme (1852-1879), 1976

      Cassis, Hier et aujourd’hui, 1992

      La Provence de 1900 ร  nos jours, 1978

      Here the aim was to see earnings/money but following observation was made during research)

      He was a professor and published several papers as depicted above.

      Using the information about the year of publication, we can say that at age 46, 47, 54, 67, 69, 71, 73, 74, 77, 79, 83, 85ย  he published his findings.

      This means these ages must fulfill conditions for publication.

      Jupiter is the karaka of knowledge.

      Karaka of Publication is Mercury.

      The zodiac sign for paper work and publications is gemini and natural house is the third house.

      The sign for editing, corrections (required for any publications) is virgo.

      Hence, activation of mercury, Jupiter, gemini, third hosue and virgo are essential for publication.

      Observations made (house code and sign code from karaka mercury):-

      Thus by rotating the chart from mercury who is the karaka of publication, The ages at which he published his work are correlated.

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      Content Team

      Hello Mihir Ji,
      This is a brilliant write up.
      Wonderful explaination.

      -Thank you

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