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      IN CHART 51 , Let us see what the Rishi is trying convey and then decode the yogas as well the ages from the dictum below:

      If the native be a male, he will be well educated & employed in the field of machinery and will occupy high post. He may not have a happy married life. If she be a woman, she will not be happy with her husband. The partner will be entangled in quarrel with enemies and will experience misery & this will come about in his 36-37th year. Jupiter’s transit over Venus in debilitation and later crossing over Saturn & Ketu indicates that she will get some help from Government after her husband’s death and also come to possess some landed property. She will also have one son who will be very helpful to her. She will live upto 66 years of age.

      P.S: Group 1 of BNN is continuing through the series of charts starting from 31-50 so have started new chart thread from CHARTS 51 to 60 here.

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      Chart 51:

      Smiling Panditji face, unhappy family life, bitter disputes between males, aggressive wealth accumulation capacity (Jupiter in lagna, Mars Rahu with saturn aspects).
      Well educated, egoistic, has inner power and positivity, advisory nature (Digbali Jupiter, Sun in 5th house)
      Career wise has started from scratch, but will reach a good position or hold a place of power

      Good ability for winning arguments, talking with a a lot of points, cross questioning (Mercury exalted, Venus debilitated and Rahu aspects). Solves problems intellectually.
      In his 18th year, family fights get bad but this native will have upper hand.

      Native will be miserable in marriage, may have arguments or health problems. Native can get into debts post marriage. Will not be interested in inheritance or will be forced to give it away, will break off from in-laws family.
      Between ages of 36-38, libra gets active, and a bad time for the couple. (By Rashi code, 7th lord in 6th and 6th lord exalted with aspects of Rahu). Native has fortune of good progeny (Sun in 5th with aspects from 9th lord)

      In the 66th year: 6th cycle. Natural lords are on the 2-8 Rahu Ketu axis. Accident or bones breakage is possible. Recovery difficult since Karaka Jupiter is in lagna and he damages the house he sits in

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      Sanjula Shukla

      Chart 51:* Native (Male) is educated as Jup (in Lagan, karaka of 5th) aspected Sun in 5th (knowledge, H.of education). He will have education related to technical field as Mars (technical, logic, in Taurus-L. Ven), Rahu(wheel) aspects Ven(vehicle), Mer(education) in 6th (hard work, Virgo-L. Mer) and will employed in the same in machinery section as Sat (machinery, in 8th- L. Mars) has 7th aspect of mars. So, he could be employed in automobile industry.
      *Married life: Unhappy married life because Rahu (fight, illegal, smoke- drinking issues) is there in between Mars n Ven also Rahu 5th aspect on Ven(female), Mer(relations) so, native could have relations with other women. In addition, Sun (egoistic, separative in nature) in 5th in Leo n Mars (harsh & loud way of talking) in 2nd shows the reason for problem in marriage (Sun n Rahu are between Mars n Ven).
      * Also,7th lord is in 12th from it in 6th (rog, ripu, rin bhava) so, spouseโ€™s health will be the concern for native as Ven is with Mer (nerve) in 6th bhava n Mars, Rahu (karakas of 6thH) aspect on it gives blood related issues.
      *If native is woman, then she will not be happy with her husband as Jup is 8th (7th lord in 8th) from Ven (native, so in 6-8 relation). 7th lord in 6th aspected by Mars n Rahu shows short life for spouse.
      * Mars(husband) n Rahu(outsider) in Taurus (L. Ven, in enemy sign) in 8th from 7thH(spouse) indicating danger to him and 6th lord (ripu) Jup (for spouse) is 12th form it showing enemy is powerful also Sat n ketu (Scorpio-karaka of 8th, hidden) aspect on Mars, Rahu showing deception and danger to her husbandโ€™s life the from enemies. Due to this, around 37 (4th cycle-Virgo dasha-Mer planet dasha,6thH-shatru sthan activation) she will face misery as Sat, ketu (karaka of 8thH,death, relief from karma) aspecting 4thH resulting deprived of happiness to the native (also, at 37 Mars will be in debilitation).
      *At 42(9thH,Sun-Jup activated, so Jup in lagan) Jup transit over Ven(2nd L. in 6th shows native is out of money) in 6th (untimely death of her husband) she will get financial help from Govt. as Sun( Leo, Jup is karaka) is 12th from Ven.At 45(12thH,karaka- sat, Jup .Ketu activated,4th cycle) she will get landed property as Sat,ketu (8thH,unearned money) aspecting 12hH after 8thH activation due to Jup transit over it at 44(Sat aspects 4thH,property).
      *She will have only one son as Sun in Leo alone n he will be helpful to her as Jup has 5th aspect on Sun(karaka is Jup).
      * She will live up to 66 years of age: 11thH-6th cycle-Sagittarius Dasha-Mars planet dasha-so, because of mars n Ven marak bhava is active- Mars 10th aspect on 11thH-Sat(karaka for longevity) 3rd transit on 10th (12th to 11th) n natal sat(with Ketu in 8th) 3rd aspect on 10th.

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      Chart 51:-


      3rd Cycle , Mars-Karak , 12th from 3rd house with Rahu and Mercury in 6th house

      At the age of 36-37 the native will have miseries and quarrels .

      Age:- 37

      4th Cycle , Mars Balhin

      5th house lord in 5th and karak Jupiter in Lagna

      Son will be helpful

      6th Cycle

      At the age of 66 Rahu and Saturn activated , Saturn is in 8th house which represents Death

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