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      IN CHART 29, Let us see what the Rishi is trying convey and then decode the yogas from the dictum below:

      This native will be a good logician and will take up religious studies & will have to move about frequently to earn his livings. The native will have corpulent body and will be of sportive nature. The native will have sweet tongue and will chant Mantras. There will be improvement in financial status after marriage. The native will face troubles from the state and through some female.

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      BNN Chart 29
      Note: This chart is similar to Chart 28. So, some of the points below are same as what I’ve given in #28 analysis.

      Good logician and takes up religious studies:
      Mercury digbali with Saturn Rahu aspecting – Person is determined to gather intellectual knowledge and will start from scratch. Good communication skills but poor listening capacity (Me lagna, Ke 3rd)

      Jupiter 2nd house – Native will be collecting resources for own wealth and family. Also due to Ketu’s influence on 1 house behind – person will go into collecting dharmic resources, related to religion or spirituality or temple.
      Mars in 5th house – Lagna/8th lord Mars is in 5th house. Native has a deep focus and interest in education, it will include spiritual/occult learning and will be strengthened because natural lord of 5th is on a religious break (Sun in maran karan sthan). Will chant mantras in a strong manner.
      Jupiter 2nd/Taurus = makes a person eat well, so likely has weight issues. Also will have sweet speech and jovial smiling face.

      Has to move constantly to earn living –
      Native is constantly working, or thinking of work, which gives him comfort. He has no peace of mind. If not working he will feel depressed. Native’s karma is with masses, and will be travelling for work. (Saturn in house of moon).

      Venus in 11th house with Mars Ketu aspects – Financial prospects will improve after marriage (7th lord in 11th). Person will earn well as an occult practitioner. Will know both direct and indirect ways of solving peoples problems. Immense capacity for income and portfolio earnings. 11th lords in 4th and 9th = If native earns by following principles of dharma, then his bhagya and peace of mind will increase manifold.

      Will face troubles due to a lady or related to money from the Government.ย  (5th house Mars with Venus Rahu aspects). Even a small mistake will get caught (5th lord Sun in Maran Karan sthan). Also possible unresolved troubles due to liquid cash income or transformation due to a female friend (11th house venus with Mars Ketu aspects)

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      Sanjula Shukla

      Chart 29: Mer in lagan (in Aries-L. Mars-logic) making person logician and highly intellectual (Sun is 12th from it) and he will take up religious studies (as Sun-religion, Mantra; Mer-education, orator skill, communication) n 2nd from it is Jup-Dharm, temple, voice) so, person will be expert in mantras n soft spoken (as Jup is in Venโ€™s house). Also, 2nd lord is in 11th(profit) showing person will be able to earn through his studies, but he will have to move frequently as Sat(employment), in Cancer (Movable sign) n Ketu in Gemini (short journey) 12th from it so, he will change his job frequently.
      *Corpulent body: Jup (heavy n short) is in 2nd to lagan. Person will be supportive nature as Jup in 2ndH (Ven is lord) and Ven is in 11th (social circle, humanitarian, Jup is significator) so exchange will work here.
      *7th lord Ven (spouse) is in 11th (regular income, profit, upchay bhava) also Ven is aspected by Mars in 5th-status (L.L. & 8th lord- dowry) also, Ven (wealth, spouse) is 4th from 8th (dowry, unearned money).
      *Trouble by Govt. & female: 4th cycle-around 37-38(4th & 5thH respectively)- Libra sign Dasha-Rahu Dasha-Sat 2nd transit on Virgo: it could be because of Sun-Sat aspect (trouble by Govt.) n due to libra Dasha and Ven(female, wealth) is 12th to Sun in Aquarius( desire,greed,ambition) person will face problem simultaneously bad name for himself as Mer(name)-Mars(L.L., in Leo-status)-Rahu( ill-fame) aspect on each other. In addition, Ven-ketu aspect ( ketu in Gemini) indicating female friend at work place could be the cause of problem as 10th lord Sat is 2nd to the ketu. But Sat 2nd transit on Virgo (struggle, fight, enemy) n Jup 5th aspect on 6th would save him.

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