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      IN CHART 25, Let us see what the Rishi is trying convey and then decode simply the ages as well as yogas from the dictum below:

      Rahu is in Capricorn (a watery sign) and Jupiter is in Pisces. Mars and Saturn are both inimical to each other and in Gemini with Ketu in Cancer and the Sun in Leo conjunct Venus & Mercury. The native will be employed in
      an intellectual concern as Saturn is in Mercury’s house. Though, Ketu creates obstructions but the native will rise high as the Sun is powerful in his own house with Mercury & will be employed in an accounts department. The native will belong to a high family but will have to work as sub-ordinate. When he is in his 64-65th, he will take up work in a religious institution when Saturn transits Virgo and is aspected by Jupiter in Pisces at birth. Good days will begin till the age of 74-75. The combination in Leo indicates 3 children but one boy and one girl will live a very ordinary poor life.

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      BNN Chart 25:

      Saturn Mars in 3rd house/Gemini = Native’s profession is in Accounting or Finance. Has technical and advanced knowledge of book keeping.
      3rd Lord Mercury in 5th with Sun and Venus = Has good knowledge of speculation and will gain from trading.
      Paternal Grandfather is a wealthy, learned man of good social standing.

      10th house Moon Rahu = Eclipse combo with Rahu debilitated in 10th house. Person has eyes open, still cant see anything and gets cheated. Emotional and overly kind nature. Will not take offence or action even when others cheat him. Will keep pardoning and be least bothered. Will have same profession as father and grandfather.
      10th lord sitting in 3rd = In profession native will not be interested in office politics. Will be focussed in working and being lost in own happiness, or getting cheated at work.
      Secondly Ketu effect on 1 house behind will create obstructions in skills/profession.But Ketu is debilitated in 4th house, so the obstructions wont be too bad. The person will have good intuition and helpful nature due to aspects of Jupiter Moon on 4th house.

      So overall, chances of him rising in profession are less, but he will rise high in terms of soul development and in social equity.

      Assuming this is Aries lagna, badhak is 11th house. So here, person has problems in making Money. Will have fluctuating fortunes and will have to be in service as a subordinate.

      Jupiter in 12th with aspects of Saturn Ketu = Ancestors would be associated with a hill station temple.
      In 65th year, 10th house active. Natural lord and karaka Saturn in 3rd with Mars, Ketu in 4th house. Circuit also closes in 12th house which has Jupiter and aspects of Saturn Ketu. So native will leave his home town (Ketu 4th) and go to a foreign or far away place. There, at a temple of his ancestors, he will do seva in the accounting department and find this work fulfilling.

      Below are few things which I attempted, but not sure of,: – Please correct if wrong.

      Kid counting:
      Leo – Sun, Mercury Venus with saturn aspects – This indicates 3 kids –  1 boy child eldest and 2 younger girls.
      The eldest boy (indicated by Saturn aspect) – will be living in the shadow of his father. Will work for masses, but can never surpass his father’s glory.
      The elder girl (indicated by Venus) – Will be dominated by father/grandfather, rules, principles, family honor etc.
      The Younger girl will be favorite of father/grandfather – she will rise to good heights under their tutelage.

      Final Year: In 74th year – 8th house active. 8th house has Jupiter and Ketu aspects, and the 8th house karkas are sitting in 3rd house. There’s a clear 3rd and 8th connection. I think this may indicate a completion of karma of this life or end of life. (Not sure, please suggest if wrong)

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