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      Nitesh Alaagh

      Verified following Facts from a Friend on 12th having Bharani Rising

      1 Spouse of Younger Brother to mother ill

      2 Father in Law emotionally molestated

      3 GrandMother couldnt stay in Home for more time, early morning walker

      4 Spouse of Sibling to mother had problem in child birth

      Verified for a Friend having Kritika in 5th house

      1 Upset badly after affair breakup

      2 First Kid has good hunger and apetite

      3 Clearcut on his speech – Son

      4 His Kid shouts with Songs being played

      5 Holds something in hands always though not rotate like chakra

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      The code line of Bharni is- Bharni is the nakshatra of Disease and Disputes, but Good for the spiritual and yoga part. In generally we observe there is very disruptive energies in Bharni.

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