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      Nitesh Alaagh

      Verified following Facts from a Friend on 12th having Bharani Rising

      1 Spouse of Younger Brother to mother ill

      2 Father in Law emotionally molestated

      3 GrandMother couldnt stay in Home for more time, early morning walker

      4 Spouse of Sibling to mother had problem in child birth

      Verified for a Friend having Kritika in 5th house

      1 Upset badly after affair breakup

      2 First Kid has good hunger and apetite

      3 Clearcut on his speech – Son

      4 His Kid shouts with Songs being played

      5 Holds something in hands always though not rotate like chakra

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      great, was there any planet also to in these specific nakshatras

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      Nitesh Alaagh

      Let me find out some charts I have –

      1. my maternal uncle LEO asc has 9th lord Mars in bharni in Aries – My Maternal Grandfather hand use to shiver.

      2. My Mama elder to Leo ascendant used to shiver his legs while sitting due to 11th to 11th lord mars in bharni and he also had FITS issues.

      3. My maternal gradfather used to be more emotional due to motherly touch of bharani.

      4. 9th lord mars in bharni – all brothers( my maternal uncle) have too much emotional care of mother.

      5. A relative saggi ascendant having Jupiter in bharni in 5th house – his teachers are too strict with him.

      6. One capricorn relative has Rahu ( 2nd lord) in bharni – his birth was very tough, eats up words while speaking, very good decoder.


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