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      There are n number of yogas in astrology such as GajKesari Yoga,
      Sakat Yoga, Budh Aditya Yog but they way it has been described in each classical text by giving such illustrious life performance sometimes feel like weather they actually work or not?

      I always had a deep faith in shastra and Rishis and I always believed that whatever is written in books was not without coding as why a saint will write all lies in a book, It is always us who are able to read but unable to understand as just because we can read the language does not mean we understand the meaning hidden in those words as well.

      Same is the case with astrology yogas as we can read it but unable to understand the background as all we are judging the book is from one shlok without understanding the complete context or even living the life with penace as Rishi use to live and then expecting that we will be able to understand the energy of a saint.

      Jyotish requires sadhna and until and unless you start thinking from point of view of a saint, You cannot expect to understand what is written in a book.

      This from my ongoing course on Karma and Relationship- Where the secrets of Yogas and timing them has been taught, I am discussing one of them here.

      Let us talk about GajKesari Yog- This yog will get manifested in life in various ways depending on which particular house this combination is happening in the chart, Such as this particular yog gets manifested only in particular houses.

      2nd house, 4th house, 8th house, 10th house other than these house this combination works normally.

      Each house will manifest this combination differently such as in 2nd house this combination is bad for parents but good for taking responsibility of religion and working for family, the native will have everything in life but this combination is mostly found in chart of people who manages religious institutions and becomes the authority over there.

      Second house is assets and when Jupiter which is natural 9th lord and Moon which is 4th lord โ€” these people build assets for religious purposes as well as lot of people with good wisdom will always be around them and for getting this knowledge these people will have to travel and come across various people in life.

      Moon being the significator of Mind and Jupiter is Jeev which has optimistic atitude and radiant of positive energy, the native is continuously source of positive thoughts in head and this will come out throughout his words while he speak.

      Lal Kitab does mentions curse here that Jupiter in 2nd house native should not use religion to make relations in his life as the term used here is โ€œJanino me Dhannaโ€ which is chief among ladies.

      So what is so special about this Yog then, think from saint point of view that this is not the yog for money but working for Dharma as native has debt related to Guru and religion and in this life he will be able to pay back by continuously praising religion and Guru but instead when you will see these chart in todayโ€™s world, you will native actually pointing out mistakes in religion and Guru, As guru being 6th from its mool trikon has acquired the energy of debt, diseases and enemy in the chart.

      Similarly for Sakat Yog to take place the 6/8 position of Jupiter and Moon one of them has to be in 2/4/8/10 house and based on this Sakat yog will get phalit in life.

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