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      Nitesh Alaagh

      Confirmed from Charts on Ardra Nakshatra:

      1. Ardra ascendant opens eyes 3 times bigger while talking

      2. Morality issues with ARDRA Cusp rising, thinks of only personal benefit

      3. Ardra nakshtra does lots of acting in public by crying and acting false as if he is only victim.

      4. PADA2: 3 lagna 10 navamsh – Too much weird person and was laid off from organization due to written complaint by many staff members.

      5. 11th Ardra- Sibling of father speech is poisonous and ready to fight

      6. 11th Ardra – Spouse Mother opened wide mouth.

      7. A friends Jupiter is Ardra- Very weird in religion beliefs, drinks alcohol after darshan

      8. 5th Lord JU in Ardra – Challenges God and belief in God is shaken – trusts only in Osho thoughts whichever thoughts suits his belief

      9. 7th from Ardra is bad – Person having 11th ardra got cheated in love affairs

      10.11th ARDRA – 9th from ardra is 7th and native is not yet married as 9th from ardra gets troubles, neither he gets client footfall

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      Aadra is of emotional strom, these natives get high emotional suffering in life, great nakshatra for astrologers to do something against the norm, usually these natives with moon in aadra or aadra rising have a habit of crying while they are in anger.

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