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      Content Team

      I am giving one of the charts below:

      27th August 1989

      Please tell me the timing of childbirth for this person using the i)Yogini Dasha, ii)Vimshottari Dasha, iii)Jupiter Transit.
      Look for 5th/9th/Jupiter or connection with Rashi of Jupiter and see when the connection is completed.
      Also please mention about how the delivery of the child went for this native and her spouse.

      -Thank you

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      Smitha Singh

      Namaste Avtar ji,

      To check children,

      In Rashi chart

      1.ย ย ย ย ย ย  HOUSE = 5thH โ€“ Scorpio Rashi which represents unresolvable problems, transformations, secrets, unearned property.

      2.ย ย ย ย ย ย  PLANETS = 5thHLord โ€“ Mars in 2ndH. However the 2ndH is afflicted with Ketu, Mars and Sun posited in naisargik 5thH LEO โ€“ childrens sign.

      3.ย ย ย ย ย ย  PADA = A5 pada is in 8thH of secrecy, unearned property, with Rahu posited in it. So 5thH energy in 8thH which is not good since it shows loss of children, or secretive child or some one else child.

      4.ย ย ย ย ย ย  KARAKA = of children is Jupiter is in 12thH with Rahu and Saturn aspecting it. So the Karaka is also afflicted in Rashi Chart.

      In Navamsa Chart

      1.ย ย ย ย ย ย  HOUSE = 5thH โ€“ Saggitarius sign which is the 6th navamsa with Saturn posited ย in Rashi chart. Saturn posited in 6thH in Rashi chart and the 6thHL in Navamsa chart is posited in Lagna (so debilitated) in Navamsa chart in Leo โ€“ naisargik childrenโ€™s house. So medical problem related to progeny.

      2.ย ย ย ย ย ย  PLANETS & KARAKA= 5thHLord โ€“ Jupiter (also KARAKAย  of children) is debilitated in 6thH of diseases and court cases. Its dispositor is in Lagan aspecting Mars who is the 5thHL in Rashi Chart.

      3.ย ย ย ย ย ย  PADA = Mars โ€“ 5thHL in Rashi chart is posited in Libra with Rahu. Libra in Rashi chart has A8 pada. Mars in Navamsha chart is again afflicted by Rahu and Saturnโ€™s 3rd aspect.

      In D3 = Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn Mars and Rahu, naisargik 5thHL Sun is with Ketu and 5thH has the sign of Scorpio and its Lord Mars is seated 6 houses away with Saturn and aspected by Ketu.


      So all in all the person will face difficulties to beget children. Since Saturn in 6thH of medicines, court cases, ย with his 3rd aspect is aspecting the 8thH which has A5 pada in it and also the karaka Jupiter is aspecting from the 12thH of independent decision / action without help of others / NGO / orphanages, the 8thH again which is unearned asset which can also mean unearned children or children without ones own effort. Also Sun the natural karaka for children is aspecting the 8thH again. Sun Ketu indicates breaking away from the traditional methods. Ketu Mars also means severe fight with family over child issue. Family opposing decision of native on child issue.

      So from above we can conclude that the person will ย go for IVF treatment or adopt a child (siblings involvement is also seen here since Gemini, Mercury and 3rdH is prominent). By calculations following date is arrived.

      Date : around 23 February, 2016

      Age 26.5 years

      VD : – Saturnย  – Venus โ€“ Saturn โ€“ Mars

      Yogini dasha : – Siddhaย  – Ulka โ€“ Sankata

      Siddha is posited in Gemini (children) in 12thH of hospitalisation or orphanges, giving its result in 6thH. Naisargik 3rdHL and 6thHL Mercury is exalted in 3rdH of documentation, sibling, courage, new initiative. Siddha dasha factor = 0.233. so Sankata retrogade degree is 27.5 (30-2.5) and date arrived is 19.02.2016

      Ulka is posited in 6thH of medicines or litigation (legal contracts) and delivering results in 11thH ((house of fulfillment of desire) where AL pada is and has Taurus sign – sign of family.

      Sankata is posited in 8thH of unearned assets, secrets or endings are seen. Also A5 pada is in 8thH.ย  Sankata is giving its results in 3rdH of new beginnings where mercury is exalted.

      Transit โ€“ Jupiter Rahu Moon in 2ndH in Leo where the 5thHL is posited, and with Saturn aspecting Leo sign. Saturn and Mars in 5thH.

      Awaiting for your kind feedback.


      Smitha Singh

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      Content Team

      Hello Mam,
      This is a wonderful analysis.
      THere were difficulties in childbirth and the wife and child both got sick during the delivery(cesarian). The child got jaundice and the partner also had some issue related to feeding the child.
      Mars/Ketu/Sun in 2nd house – the mother’s elder sibling passed away very early and the native is facing finiancial issues and trying to earn the daily bread and butter.
      The date which is mentioned(February) .. the child birth did not take place but the Native got married in January 29th 2016.
      Childbirth happened in 2020(4 years after marriage).
      Yogini Dasha – Sankata/Bhramari –
      In D1 Rahu is with the A5 and its dispositor is in Sagittarius(Jeev) and going in Libra with 5th lord(Rashi tulya navansh). Moon is with 9th lord, Juptier as well as A9 in Rahu and going in the 9th navansh.
      Rahu and Moon both activate the 3rd house (but no connection of Jupiter/A9/A5 is present in this house) , which has Venus Mercury in Virgo. The wife got sick as well as the native did a property deal and had expenses related to it. Here the connection is with the Planets themselves and not which house they are activating, but events related to the house of activation(3rd) happened too very prominently.

      In Navansh Rahu is activating Taurus which is aspected by Jupiter. Moon activates 12th house which has Venus(wife) and Sun(Natural 5th lord) and its dispositor is again going in 9th.
      If you see D3, Both Rahu and Moon have connection to either A5/Jupiter.

      Vimshottari – Saturn Mars dasha.
      Saturn is in Sagittarius and aspected by Jupiter. And Mars is 5th lord and is in Leo with Sun(Natural lord for child).
      navansh too Saturn is in Leo and Mars is 9th lord.

      Jupiter Transit- Jupiter was transitting through the 6th house and aspecting Jupiter himself as well as the 5th lord.
      In Navansh , Jupiter was going over the 5th house itself.

      If you see the dashas , all had connection with the 5th , A5 , 9th or Jupiter.

      -Thank you

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