Once you purchase the course, you will be allocated to the correct batch. However you are encouraged to reach out to us on the contact numbers because, we have often seen students picking up courses for which they are still not ready.

We want to make sure that the person picks up the courses in the right order. For example, many people begin learning Nakshatras when they do not know basic signs or rashis. Some others are experienced astrologers who do have years of experience, but we believe our courses give insights even on basics which can take your learning to an entirely different level – even if you are a pro already! Learning courses in the correct sequence of learning is important to be able to predict. If one picks up advance courses without the basics being in place, it may lead to the student thinking that the course was too tough or that the course lacked something since they are not being able to predict?

As for the specialty of the course, there are techniques and insights which have never been revealed to the world before – both in the basic and advanced courses. We strongly recommend picking them up in the right order to become a great astrologer yourself.

There are no discounts or coupons available on this site or any mailing list. If someone is sending any coupons or vouchers to you, they are fake. Please ignore such messages. We are not a big platform like Amazon or Flipkart. We are a learning center and believe that we want to keep it simple.

In case you want to see the value of the courses, please check out the content on our YouTube channel. You will get to see the depth of the course content on YouTube for free.

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Also, as an honest student of Astrology, stolen knowledge never fructifies. Users are advised to check out the charts of those natives who steal knowledge or sell pirated stuff. You will realize how this works. 

Pending karma is a very broad term which encompasses karmas which we may have performed over multiple births. The premise that we are born at a certain time with a certain combination within our charts tells us that there is a reason behind you getting the horoscope at birth which you have got. Now, your karmas is a sum of your own karmas over previous births, your kutumb’s karmas in this birth (in which you have taken birth) and also the karmas of your current associates or people who have come into your life and are affecting your destiny.

There will be multiple techniques which you will be taught in these courses in the flow of the lectures. As of now there is no one single course which focuses only on pending karma, but these techniques are now a part of various courses on our platform and are contained within it. 

Once you learn astrology and learn the game of karma, you will lose all fear and be a stronger person yourself. Knowledge always kills fear and makes you a stronger person! Choice is yours.

Apologies, since that is not a format of dissemination we support.

There are lectures filled with concepts and techniques and then Q&A sessions at the end of every few classes. Students are adviced to NOT to ask questions on their own charts, but to dig into other charts in order to be able to validate their techniques. Most people are hung up about finding solutions in their own charts and this stops them from becoming a really good astrologer and expanding their sphere of knowledge.

You can see the feedback and testimonials to read more about them.

We wish we were as big as Amazon or Flipkart. But the reality is, we are a boutique astrology shop and want to keep our processes simple. Managing refunds and cancellations is an operational overhead for us.

We believe our content is worth much more than what they are priced for and we want only sincere students to apply. Our YouTube channel has original content from many of our real class sessions which should be enough to make you decide if you should buy this course or not. If you still think you need provision of a refund before buying the course, please find other courses on the internet since there are many, and are suitable for your way of purchase of content.

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