Daily Prediction [1st October - 31st October]

Daily Prediction [1st October - 31st October]

Shasthi, Saturday, Jyestha, Kaulava, Ayushman
Today will be the day where the food ingredients will be missing or some shortage will happen
Management of money will happen as wIfell as some dissatisfaction will occur as the expenses or payments will not be ideal for you
You will listen to different Stotram today especially the Shiv Tandav Stotram
If you are willing to give tax – there will be delays – please go in the marketplace early as the shops might get closed or your needed ingredient may be missing
Public fights may happen or you may get very irritated with someone when driving
If you are in home then please arriange your cloths properly as they may be misaligned or in a stack
Saptami, Sunday, Moola, Garija, Soubhagya
Today is the day which you may use shampoo / try to clean your hairs properly
Day will start late today or some delay can happen due to which the whole day would be affected
Those who are working , there is some project assignment left and the deadline is very soon – plese make sure to complete it
By the end of the day you will make rules and regulations from the guidelines which you have thought before or start implementing your plans
While looking for shoes you will have trouble find it or there will be some part of the shoe broken or unclean
You may go out and get some fast food , but do make sure not go overconsume it
Ashtami, Monday, Poorvaashada, VIshti, Sobhana
Today somehow you will be compelled to break the fast which you are doing today – plesae do not break the fast regardless of how much pressure you face
Consumption of outside food will happen as well as if you are making kheer today , some portion of the Kheer will spill
You mind will be disbalanced today but its a good time to meditate in morning as well as in evening
If you are going out today , take extra cash with you as you will spend a lot more than usual as you will get a lot of extra charges
Something may beak today such as a flower vase or a makeup kit/ food will fall or get wasted
Today the cooler in office may not work properly or water may be needed as well as emotions of employees will be frustrated
Those who are in home , due to a hurry in making food you may skip certain ingredients – as well as the middle of the house will be cleaned or made changes to
Navami, Tuesday, Uttarashada, Kaulava, Atiganda
Today the energies are of Discipline in the sky – you will be able to carry out the required tasks , althought some use of shortcuts are also seen
You will have to help your father in some tasks as well as some kind of fight will happen with family or father due to disagreement
Emotionally it will be very dry as there will be no appreciation from anyone – as well as water more water intake will be needed today
You may not get the food or your choice today and have to comply to the wish of other’s in tems of food choices as well as some fast food may be consumed today
In your work – you will dictate something to one of your employees due to which ego issue can arise – as well as the water tank in home/office does not have enough water – please refill it
Dashami, Wednesday, Saravana, Garija, Sukarman
Happy Dussera to Everyone.
Today while cooking rice – more water will be used to wash the same rice and in this process some of the water or rice may fell down
Interaction with friends and siblings will happen on an emotional level today and some family discussion will happen with them – those who are working the same event may happen with your colleagues
Today problems will happen in maintaining your daily schedule as things will go out of plan even after planning
Today visit to temple will also happen and it will be a very peaceful visit – and wearing of some kind of Tilak will occur
One such incident will happen where you will perform responsibilities but you will do so unwillingly
Ekadashi, Thursday, Dhanishtha, Vishti, Soola
There will be electrical faults today and when you will call the repair person , he will not come or come late
There can be clashes with father or boss and some kind of ego isssue where no one is ready to accept the other person’s opinion – please avoid such fights
Inspite of you wanting to do Puja today , there will be some equipment missing or you have to buy Puja items in the last minute
You can play some kind of sport of game today such as cricket, chess , etc
Day in office will be tiring as the responsibilities of another collegue will be upon you as well
Those who are in home , please check the food twice as some essential ingredient can be missed
Dwadashi, Friday, Satabhishak, Balava, Ganda
Today you will not want to compromise on the work or the tasks which you want to do – either you will do it or you wont- there will be no middle path
There will be spam calls or emails which you will recieve today
Relationship with partner can get a bit disturbed due to some kind of fighting or misunderstanding
Either the home curtains will need to be change or there has been a lot of cloths which needs to be washed – plesae do it accordingly
In work there will be some kind of gossip of another person which will distract you from you assignment , as well as while writing or typing there can be silly mistakes
In home – you will want to do all the extra work today even if you have to work harder
Chaturdashi, Saturday, Poorvabhadrapada, Garija, Vriddhi
You will have to spend more time with your partner or family to make some future planning
Please check the food while cooking as the food can contain a hair or the food may be cold when served – as well as today’s food can include more sweetness and spiciness
You may visit a temple today or go for morning walks and more time will be spent doing Puja
While scrolling facebook you will come across posts of donations related to the temples or old people who have gone to an ashtam or temple
In work – today you will get a bit of relief as the work will be lesser or due to you feeling content within
In home – you will find time to relaxing as well – although where can be a bit of body or eye strain
Purnima, Sunday, Uttarabadrapada, Vishti, Dhruva
Today’s energy is very difficult to deal with especially with respect to work both in terms of professional work as well as chores in Home
After the whole day has passed you will feel very tired but still after so much hard work there may not be satisfaction
Today you will get up late or you will again sleep after waking up due to tiredness
You will have to do most of today’s work by yourself and there will be no support from other’s
Stomach issues can happen today or you may not get your choice of food
There is a lack of wheat in home or if you are making anything with wheat – it will not be made the first time and will require multipe tries
Pratipada, Monday, Revati, Balava, Vyaghat
Today you will want to start something new but at the end today’s plans will not be according to schedule due to mood swings
While going to work you will observe a water leakage as well as money will be spend today from your own salary
By the end of the day you will feel dissatisfied as you have not been able to acheive certain tasks or because of a decision you did not take before
Visit to Bank may happen as well as managing of accounts/finances
In your workplace , you will observe a water lekage or some water will be spilled
Those who are in home – you will create a dish out of your own choice and you will use a certain ingredient which you havent used since long time or you will but a food which is rarely bought
Dwitya, Tuesday, Ashwini, Taitulya, Harshana
Today you will have to help someone who will be in distress – the energy of today is of working and performing your duties timely
You will spend more time not drinking water – hence by the end of the day you may feel Dehydrated – Please consume more water
There will be electrical issues in office or somehow the printer ink or pen will get finished or stop working
There will be some talks with your friends or collegues which will get ended abruptly
In home you will be able to do the work on time today – but at the end there can be issue with the food not being satisfactory
Today you will perform some kind of Management of money of sort out all your works in a sequencial way – as well as rearranging the computer or phone home screen icons
Tritiya, Wednesday, Bharani, Vanija, Vajra
You will see some kind of bird nest of an animal in distress – please help as needed
In work, there will be issues from the client’s end today due to some kind of misunderstanding or ego issue
In home you will make very good food according to your own choice after a lot of days – issues of water wastage can be present as well
A lot of the problems in office or in home related to papers, communication, equipments will eventually get solved as you will find a way to overcome the problems
Refilling of Pen or Printer ink will happen or tomorrow you may not have the time to consume breakfast
Chaturthi, Thursday, Krittika, Bava, SIddhi
Today you will be busy going some kind of Puja including a fire ritual or lighting a diya and will want to speak less with other people
Issues of stomach will be present due to indigestion , but it will happen once you overconsume today or get wrong food such as a soft drink
In office there will be a lot of pressure but inspite of all the issues you will eventually be able to complete your work in timely manner
There will be a lot more heat generated in the body as well as issues with Non Consumption of water will be there – plese increase your water intake
In-home , there will be a lot of sorting of items done today such as arrianging the Utensils in a proper manne, placing books properly in the shelf, etc
Today even if there are issues with boss and even if you get a scolding – in the end you will laugh.
Panchami, Friday, Rohini, Kaulava, Vyatipata
There will be some time in the office without electricity but it will happen after the arrival of your Boss
While you will be outside your home going somewhere , you may observe a public fight today
There will be consumption of fast food today along with sweets , and while you will try to learn and get the assignments done , there will be issues where you will not be able to follow the directions given by your Manager
There will be leakage of water or the water will get spilled somehow
Please take care of the relationship with your spouse as a fight can happen due to mood swings
THere will be a lot of planning today related to your informe but eventually that planning will stay incomplete due to which there will be loopholes
Shasthi, Saturday, Mrigshira, Garija, Variyah
Today inspite of Half day in office – will be the most pressure within this week as certain work will be done which will provide a future benefit
You may also visit to the bank in order to take some money , but updation of passbook may not be done
You will use money to spend outside but the money spent today will be more than the other days and some kind of namkeen or fast food will be bought along with some sweet
You may also take help of one of your friends or siblings in order to accomplish a certain task
Use of some kind of hair oil will be done or combing hair will be forgotten
When doing Puja, due to some pressure you may try to perform the puja earlier or some obstacle will come , after which the Puja will be done
Saptami, Sunday, Ardra, Parigha, Vishti
Today in spite of Holiday, pressure and tension will be at peek, especially for those who are working – due to the same pressure you will have less sleeep or feel even tired after sleeping
In home, some area will be dusted or cleaning which was not since since a long time
There will be some knid of external help taken to do certain taken as ewll as shift of deadlines of work will happen
Please take casre of your father fas some body pain can occur today or an eveni can happen today which gives body pain later on
The cleaner or maid will come late or will not come – as well as issues due to kids is going on in the maids house
Saptami, Monday, Punarvasu, Bava, Shiva Today instead of waking up at the first try you will switch off the alarm and sleep more
Inspite of the hardwork done by your in the office , you will not get any appreciation as your boss will hismself be very busy
Today , work assigned to you will be done on time as well as all the work in home eventually will get completed as well
Due to some scarcity of food in home – you may visit to the market to purchase it and eventually buy few things extra
SHampoo may be used today for your hair , and after bathing you will either not comb for certain time or your hair will still be wet
Some kind of account management or finance management will be done today including sorting out certain tasks
Ashtami, Tuesday, Pushya, Kaulava, Siddha
This is one of those days again where you can expect electrical faults but due to overuse or overheating such as the electrical appliance needs more watts , etc
Inverter will not work as well for certain time
Ink if Printer may not get damaged or some printing issue can happen today in office or even in the home
You will talk with your siblings or one of your friends due to come Crisis period of his life and the talk will be very serious in Nature or a do or die situation
For those who are in home – You will either get extreme energy today for working or you will become totally lazy and not want to work and perform the household chores
Overuse of Hot water can happen today as well when you will cook tea , the tea will be kept on the stove for longer
The washroom drain may also be clogged today or minor water blockage may occur
Navami, Wednesday, Ashlesha, Garija, Sadhya
Today there can be checkups in the office or meetings between the employees can be held by the Authority
There will be fights in the office or in your home due to some kind of mistake related to the way a certain task is done and because of not follow the provided rules before
Help of Employees will be taken to complete a project assignment due to the short/upcoming deadline
If you are planning to go out somewhere , you will either not get the transport vehicle on time or there will be traffic Jam
In home , You may consume some sweets which are kept in fridge – as well as you may go outside to buy Sugar or Haldi
Before waking up or in morning – you will be hear constant noise due to bird chirping or you will see many pigeons or an Eagle.
Dashami, Thursday, Ashlesha, Vishti, Subha
Today some new instructions will be given by the manager or the boss within the work
Today emotionally it will be a dry day as you will be busy totally in your work – talkiing with your mother will happen for some upcoming plans
There can be issues or some trouble with your father regarding the health such as body ache or shoulder pain
While going in the market place you will there will be instances where the shopkeeper will try to sell something for more than the needed price
Within the workplace itself- there will be someone who will need help regarding his assignment – please do the needful
Those who are in home – there can be issues related to food quantity while cooking – please double check the proportions of the ingredients
Ekadashi, Friday, Magha, Balava, Sukla
Tomorrow during the Puja – there will be some kind of interruption or blockage or some Puja Item or flower will get missing
Please check your water tank as there can be a water leakage or the water Pump may run for longer time
You will get distracted tomorrow as you will think of your siblings or some past friend or relationship due to which a lot of time may get wasted – it can even be a close family member
Whille going on the Road , you will come accross a dog with Injury or a Dog with Water Deprivation or Dehydration – please do the needful and provide help accordingly. The same can happen with a person with bodily limbs missing.
The Microwave or Toaster in your home may stop working or may not start at once
In work – the plans which you made will be changed or your usual workflow will be disturbed suddenly due to an employee
There can be emotional outburst of one of your friend or siblings due to the issues in the relationship which he/she is going through
Dwadashi, Saturday, Poorva Phalguni, Taitula, Brahma
Your employee will ask to do a certain talk or may ask for money – if you are not working them you wil see an old man who will need help – please do help them accordingly
There is work left regarding sorting out money related issue as well as some design or paperwork in your workplace as well as your home – please identify the nessessary work and perform the same by today
Today either most of the work will be done or you will complete shut down and try to do the same tomorrow
Issues with Stationary will happen either with pen , or some kind of electronic device such as phones – also trouble related to spam calls can occur today
You will come across some unwell or Injured animal today as well , along wth you will see some broken or untidy plant – please clean the respective plant and then give water.
Those who are in home , there will be some kind of sorting of utensils or sorting or cloths along with calculation of money
Trayodashi, Sunday, Uttara Phalguni, Vanija, Indra
You will be able to solve a lot of complex problems related to managing things in home as well as in your workplace. Even though today is Sunday , you can get a lot of new solutions of previous problems
As today is DHanteras – you will finally be able to buy the long awaited Jewelry but it will cost more than what you had thought initially
You may come across a cat with a broken ear and when it happens please provide milk or cheese to the cat.
You would want to get up early today but even after accomplising the same , you will focus more on your assignned task on Laptop or watch TV or a show – hence all the cleaning and dishes would be washed a lot later
Clock dial may show a wrong time today as well as your daily timetable will not be followed
There may be some kind of insecurity regarding money ot the money have fall of your wallet or bag today – please take care and zip your bags properly
Chaturdashi, Monday, Hasta, Sakuna, Vaidhrithi
Happy Diwali to everyone –
Today’s energy is of healing as you will try to solve issues within you such as your own internal conflicts as well as issues with your family
When any consumption of sweets or any outside food happens please make sure the food is not wasted. Also issues can happen later on due to overconsumption.
Due to the past memories of someone very close to you – you will get very emotional or start crying suddenly
If you are with your family, a good time will be spent together mostly but at the same time a fight can also take place especially if you are among a Joint family
There will be someone in pain in your home and due to that you will do some kind of body massage to give relief – also during food is served , there may by some kind of spill of food or water lekage such as running tap in kitchen, etc.
Also during consumption of food – consuming food together with the family may not happen and the timings will differ
Please avoid any fireworks that create sound pollution
Amavasya, Tuesday, Chitra, Naga, Vishkumbha
There will be electrical faults multiple times today due to overuse of current or due to a certain appliance taking in more wattage
Also there will be fights and disputes in the workplace due you will not be able to bear any nonsense from anyone and the whole focus will be on your work itself.
Today within the office itself there will be someone who will not listen to you and may criticize you – but regardless you will be able to take risks and accomplish the work which you have been assigned
A lot of anger issus can hapen today so much so that you are not able to let your anger go due to a certain incident – please do in the temple of Hanuman Ji and after the After the Puja, Consume the Prasad.
As Diwali is going on – you may see an animal who is injured due to burning or due to some other injury – please provide proper medical attention to the animal when it happens
Some kind of lights or LED’s may be bought today along with sketch pens
There may be a lot of files stored in your phone or laptop by the end of the day – please clean them up or atleast sort the items properly
Some kind of issue with your phone or laptop may happen which is not expected such as changing of the wallpaper of phone suddenly , etc
While cooking , food quality will reduce due to come emergency or hurry as well as outside fast food will be consumed today
Pratipada, Wednesday, Swati, Bava, Priti
Today is the day in which you will start learning something new – a new subject or topic will be learnt today which you have been wanting to study
In your work today , your boss or management will come for some kind of checkup or new assignments will be given which havent been done before
Issues in work due to the deadline is seen either the deadline with change or a short deadline will be given in the coming assignment
If your father needs any kinf of help or during the phone call if father or boss asks help in a certain matter , please do help them
A lot of office paperwork may get skipped or delayed d along with some kind of spam call may come today
Sorting of some kind of stationary will be done or if you are in home then either the office bag or utensils will be kept in a proper way
Dwitiya, Thursday, Vishaka, Kaulava, Ayushman
You will be very peaceful during Today’s Puja and after a lot of time you will feel content and happy and thank the Universe for whatever the universe has given you including all the troubles – some people may also experience an interruption during their Puja but the Puja will get completed eventually
While going to the temple you will see a person who is asking for money and is of a different religion or has some body deformity – please help during that time
Either during the Lunch/Recess period or when Boss will come – there will be electrical issues or fluctuations in current
Those who are in depression or going through mental turbulence – please Light a Diya of Desi Ghee in the North Direction in Morning and Evening and Pray to your ancestors – you will get a lot of emotional relief.
Consumption of sweets is also seen today
Fights between parents or some family members is seen due to some expense or difference of opinion – but it will eventually get resolved
Mother may feel too tired or may face some body pain today – please take your mother/family among nature today as a lot of internal healing will happen and you will be very happy after
Tritiya, Friday, Anuradha, Garija, Sobhana Today Chandra Ma is in the Nakshatra of Anuradha which is a nakshatra of Devotion – whatever you start today plese make sure to complete the same and no not leave it halfway. This is the nakshatra which also promotes friendship and as per the story of Radha Krishna , today ther will be a lot of interactions with public or your friend circle , but there will be dissapointments in terms of relationshipsToday you will not be able to interact with your family due to the work , as well as the time for consuming food will be very less.
The work given in office by your boss will get almost completed but some kind of sacrifice also has to be made in order to acheive so
Consumption of Boondi or Imarti along with sweets may occur today
If you are in home , there will be issues as you are making food due to burning or the taste of the food may not be up to the mark , as it has been made in a hurry or carelessly
In morning , you will either apply some oil or the shampoo as well as some kind of cleaning item may be bought from the market
Chaturthi, Saturday, Jyestha, Vishti, Atiganda
There will be delays and slow developments in the work assignments including paperwork or communication work getting completed late – but the reason for this will be somehow related to the food or emotional issues
Printer paper will get over and new A4 sheet may have to be bought
Today’s energy has a lot of delays and strictness , but it is a wonderful day for people who are into deep thinking and research including Yoga and Breathing techniques – practicing the same will be a remedy for today as well
An old person but looking like a fraud , may come to you today for help due to emergencies – inspite of his look please do help him out as the situation will be dire – this can be someone who is a rickshaw puller
Today the maid as well will come date and some kind of sorting of utelsils or cloths will be performedAs Chandrama is transitting the nakshatra of Jyestha , there will be complications in your work but issues with siblings such as less talking as well as food issues is seen. Some verbal fight may happen in office as someone may instigate it intentionally to provoke you which can bring fear in your mind regarding the Job or the work – however focusig fully on your work only will prove fruitfull at the end.
Shasthi, Sunday, Mool, Kaulava, Sukarma

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Chaat Puja – For lighting the Diya in the SE corner , please use Til Oil and a Diya which is made of Mud

As Moon has entered Mool Nakshatra , this is the nakshatra which is connected to the Muladhara chakra – hence today you will focus on improving your own foundation and try to bring positive transformations for the long term – Today instead of talking with the outer world you will focus within yourself and try to do something which willl give you your own soul food be it painting, meditation, or even reading stories. As the diety of this nakshatra is Nirriti Devi ,who is very fierce – a lot of mental transformations can happen in the house where your Ketu is placed it as you will try to rethink that area of your life again.

Today a lot of work will be done on a timely basis but it would be much better if you did it alone without taking anyone’s help – even when you study you will not take help of anyone and perform the assignments properly after a lot of days
Cloths in your home will either get properly arranged or ironed today but while making food you will add more spices or some kind of fried food will be consumed
You will try to take some risk or put more efforts in the work assignments and eventually get it completed today
The batteries of one of the electrical equipment such as TV remove or the clock may get changed today

Saptami, Monday, UttaraAshada, Dhriti, Garija

Today Moon has entered the nakshatra of Uttara Ashada – as the symbol is of an elephant tusk – today you will make your goals very firmly and will be determined to acheive it on a timely basis. Today please do avoid any ego issue or clashes with anyone as it will lead to unnecessary troubles leading to delays in the work. Initially there will be hurdles which you will face in terms of your desires but by the end of the day things will turn in your favour due to persistence – it would be much better to avoid any unnessary interaction with anyone and focus solely on work espicially avoiding any gossips during lunchtime

Today’s energy would be challenging both emotionally and physically – a lot of work will have to be done but without any credit or appreciation from anyone else – due to work today’s breakfast or lunch may be skipped or consumed late
A visit to the marketplace will be needed today in order to buy some daily goods
Mother’s health may need to be taken care of today as they may become more tired that before or some bodily pain or headache may occur
A lot of new ideas or long term planning will be done today as you will be too worried as to what is to come – also there is some tension regarding promotion in office
Instances of forgefullness is also seen as you will be too busy in a certain task , you may miss someone’s call or some other essential work which had to be done
Foods cooked today may have more salt along with the consumption of something chilly and spicy