Sapthami, Tuesday, Pushyami, Vishti, Sulka

Moon is transitting the Nakshatra of Saturn today – you can expect today to go on very slowly and several times you will look at the watch and think that when is the lunch time coming. As well as it will be a very busy day and you will not want to complete the given work as it is putting a lot of pressure in your head. This is the nakshatra which has the symbolism of a Cows Udder , today is the day in which the work done will lay a foundation and a very stable base for what is to come , hence it is much better to take on the pressure now and complete the job even if you have to work in overtime.

Please forget any amount of relaxation today as most of the day you will be busy or due to work there will be frustration – please do not expect any appreciation for your work today from anyone
You will not get time to talk with your family today especially your mother
Food will either be consumed late today or the food will become cold at the time of consumption – please look out for hair strands in the food
You will get some opportunity to take an illegal opportunity or misuse one of the resources either in work or personal life today – plesae do not take any step as it will lead to a lot of problems later on .
Comsumption of packet food will happen

Ashtami, Wednesday, Ashlesha, Balava, Brahma

As Today is the Kaal Bhairav Ashtami , Please light a Diya of Desi Ghee after Sunset and Chant the Kaal Bhairav Ashtakam 11 times – it will help you in several ways and a lot of solutions to the long term issues will start appearing slowly.

A lot of communication issue will happen today or some misunderstandings among the family or the workplace – it is better to focus on your work alone and not interact much with others
You will skip some important information today while going through a message or an important email as well as spam calls will also appear atleast 2 times
You will see a nest of bird of pegions, a small kid or an enuch coming towards you and they will ask for something – when it happens please provide what they are asking for .
There may also be online server issues of whatsapp or facebook today for sometime , as well as one of the office employees may ask for some help regarding some personal issue or money
Food will not be consumed on time today or there will be some spilling of food or water while consumption

Navami, Thursday, Magha, Taitula, Indra

“Moon is in the nakshatra of Ketu today – today will be one of those days in which you will not be able to listen to the ideas of other people , instead you will follow your own intuition which will give you benefits or some kind of materialistic gain eventually. Fights or some dissatisfacting due because of someone else or your spouse will be present or the will be a money related expense which will happen suddenly.

Listening to the Ganesha Stotram will happen today as you will feel inclined to go within and be in a mode of introspection
You will talk with either your father or one of the elders within the family after a long time through whatsapp or facebook
During today’s puja, either the Time of the Puja will get shifted compared to other days or some minute ritual will be forgotton or skipped
Cleaning of whatsapp messagges or removing a lot of excess material from phone or laptop may happen today as well as you may open one of your old online accounts after a long time
A lot of excess gossip in office or home may happen which can result in delay in work as well as lack of concentration – please avoid such conversations today”

Dashami, Friday, Purva Phalguni, Vanija, Vaidhriti

“Moon is in the nakshatra of Venus today – You will wear a very good and branded dress as well as use some body cream or a good scent – as the Diety is Bhaga – today will be one of those days in which you will have a good time as you will either go to a restaurant or enjoy through relaxing. This is the nakshatra which is very specific and refined and that is why issues in decision making can be present due to your own checklist, it is better to not be too focused on the specifications , instead please do take the decision when the opportunity comes

A lot of complex problem solving will happen today within the office and solutions to few previous problems will be thought of today
In home , some areas can be decorated or a room freshner can be used or brought today
Consumption of outside food will also happen but consuming too much rich food will lead to stomach issues – please maintain a balance on whatever you do as anything in extreme will backfire
Today instead of performing the work assigned to you, there will be issues realted to focus and not being able to give you full potential due to certain personal issues , please consume any food which is made of Jaggery , it will help. “

Ekadashi, Saturday, Uttara Phalguni, Bava, Vishkumbha
Today will be one of the most pressurizing days within the office as you will be very worried in meeting the deadlines of the assignments which have been given to you by your boss
Instead of waking up at your usualy time , today you may wake up late due to which few things may not get done or may get done in a hurried way
Some dispute with your father can also happen today as both of your ideas are not matching
Today you or your mother can have a lor more amount of fairfall or some kind of headache – while combing your hair after bath , you may see a lot more hair strands within the comb – also your comb as well as few of the shoes are not cleaned properly – please check and clean them accprdingly
There will not be any appreaciation by anyone both in office as well as in home , regardless please perform your work dilligently
Towards the end of the day you will go to sleep early but throughout the whole day you may not even get enough time to talk to your parents
Ekadashi, Sunday, Hasta, Balava, Priti

Today Moon is transitting the nakshatra of Hasta – as the Symbol of this nakshatra is the Hand , a lot of work will be done today which is very minute but very essential. The symbolism of Hand represents that this nakshatra has the ability to withstand a lot of pressure and work in a continious basis , similar to how we use our hand in almost all the work which we are doing starting from the Morning till the time we sleep. Today a lot of work will be present inspite of today being sunday as you will do something important be it of the workspace or your own home.

Today is the day in which you will experience a lot of healing and regardless of the surroundings around you m you will feel content and will be happy due to something
You will go to the store in order to buy some new medicines or you will sort out or repair/fix some water lekage or jewelry in your home
If you have to send an email or a text to something , it will happen but not as per the plan you had before
Experience of Mood swings will be very normal today as you may go through a range of different emotions throughout the day

Dwadashi, Monday, Chitra, Taitula, Ayushman
Today will be one of those day in which either all of the work or the task will get done or nothing will get done at all.
You will provide comfort to someone emotionally , or becaue of your someone will get peace and will get healed internally
Either a change of pens or refilling of the printer Ink may happen as well as you may forget some essential item when going out of home and may come back to take it
Buying of Medicines or a visit to the grocery may also happen today as you will buy some items of daily needs
Consumption of food which is of a sweet and sour taste will happen such as eating rice with Lemon and then consuming ice cream
Electricity in office or in home may go down for sometime but ther will not be any major impact due to it
An unexpected call from either from your brother or one of your old friends may happen today
Panchang for reference: Chauturdashi, Tuesday, Swati, Vanija, Soubhagya

Here is something different , today’s prediction was made through the prashna , plesae see the predictions and check how does the same predictions match with today’s Panchang –

Today you will not be feeling to work as you would want to relax and enjoy some time along but eventually you will be forced today to deliver results due to which you will feel agitated or show agreessiveness
Instead of waking up at once , today is the day in which you may snooze your alarm atleast 2 times before waking up , as well as you will forget or will not open the window for the sunlight to come in , and will do it after some time has passsed
Communication issues are seen today as what you will tell and what the other person perceives may be completely different due to which there can be problems or misunderstandings
Mars is in Mrityubhag for the next 5 days – plesae take care of the health of the family as well as issues related to blood, stomach pain, or any injury can occur – also anger issues and verbal fights may also happen during this time – it would be best to focus on your work and avoid any confrontation which may lead to fights
Home electricity will also go down for atleast some time , similar to that of yesterday and the net may not work due to some maintenance

Amavasya, Wednesday, Vishaka, Chatushpada, Sobhana
There will irregularities in the office today due to changes among the tasks or some sudden obstruction in the planning of that task
While you start to read a book or an online article , instead of reading it fully you will skip it due to which you may miss some important pointers – this can also happen with your office email or missing an important phone call
Either you will use a shampoo today as well as you will use a comb which has not been cleaned since over 1 week
After a lot of days , an old friend or an old colleague may contact you or you may remember something whom you were in contact with several years ago
During today’s Puja, some rituals may get skipped or not done in the first try – Or you will do Puja in a hurried or in stress
Today you may see a Pegion or an animal may come to you for help or may be in need – when this happens please help the animal
Pratipada, Thursday, Anuradha, Kimstughna, Atiganda

Moon is in the nakshatra of Jyestha – As the Diety is Indra , today will be one of the days in which you will be able to accomplish your desires but there will be insecurities as to the sustenance of that activity, a lot of time may be wasted due to the same – also there may be fear of a fall in position but it will not happen , hence please focus on the task which you have to do instead of overthinking. Also some unnecessary gossip may also occur within the office.

Today is the day in which you may start reading a new book or you will learn something new regarding a completely new field
Today you may use shampoo as your hair will be a bit rough or unclean , also some cleaning in home of the temple or dusting may also be done today
There may be a delay in starting the Pump for the water to fill up the water tank or some shortage of water can be experienced today
Emotionally it will be very dry or some extremes in terms of emotions may be present such as expressing yourself too much or widhwrating any emotion and keeping it with you fully
Today there will be more pressure due to work from the manager due to which you may not be able to talk with your family
Change of batteries in clock may happen along with some disagreement with the boss – there may be some plans in the office which can start to take shape from today

Dwitiya, Friday, Jyestha, Balava, Sukarman
Today you will wear one of the cloths which is either branded or you got it through a gift a while ago
Some kind of water issue or leakage may be experienced, or while you are drinking water, some of it will spill on table or floor
A verbal fight with the family can happen due to money or your family will tell you that you are not giving them enough time to talk – this can happen with especially your mother
Someone either in home or in the office will not be emotionally stable – please listen to his/her story and help them out accordingly as it will bring a lot of peace to them
While you are doing your work , there will be distractions due to food coming from outside or today your mind will be very wavy , due to which a lack of concentration can occur
Purchase of medicines or groceries can happen today as well and during the purchase, rice and some sweet item will be bought
Chaturthi, Sunday, Poorva Ashada, Vishti, Ganda
Today you will not be able to wake up on time due to which start of your day will happen atleast 30 minutes or more late
There will be some disagreement with father as Father will say something which you may not like
Today you will be in isolation and even with friends you will not want to talk much as you have a lot of work to do which are pending since days
Today you will either clean your dressing table or some place in the home which has been acculumating dust since several days – or you may give your cloths for the cleaning which are piled up
There will be certain tasks which will get delayed and get completed in the 2nd half of the day , even if you start with the goal of completing it in morning – this may happen because you will not be able to judge the amount of work needed to complete it
Listening to either songs while working , or your family may call you while you are doing your office work
Panchami, Monday, Uttara Ashada, Balava, Vriddhi
Today all the work which you are planning ot do will get delayed and accomplishments in work will happen in the 2nd half of the day
Also there will be some changes in the plans which will be made by your boss – this will be like a shiock to you as it will be completely unexpected
Today is also a good day for healing yourself as well as other’s by providing them emotional comfort and proper guidance through Jyotish
You will use more water while having a bath as welll as water issues will crop up at the time when you are nourishing the plants in your home
One of the ways in which you will be able to understnad the studies , is by listening to the respective lecture or listening to the storram – this is because you may observe that you are unable to read foor long time and some distraction is happenning
Talk with parents may happen after a long time , but even in the family there can be some fight between the parents or your own mental state may become depressed due to some past reason or a scolding
Panchami, Monday, Uttara Ashada, Balava, Vriddhi
Today all the work which you are planning ot do will get delayed and accomplishments in work will happen in the 2nd half of the day
Also there will be some changes in the plans which will be made by your boss – this will be like a shiock to you as it will be completely unexpected
Today is also a good day for healing yourself as well as other’s by providing them emotional comfort and proper guidance through Jyotish
You will use more water while having a bath as welll as water issues will crop up at the time when you are nourishing the plants in your home
One of the ways in which you will be able to understnad the studies , is by listening to the respective lecture or listening to the storram – this is because you may observe that you are unable to read foor long time and some distraction is happenning
Talk with parents may happen after a long time , but even in the family there can be some fight between the parents or your own mental state may become depressed due to some past reason or a scolding
Panchang for reference – Shasthi, Tuesday, Dhanistha, Taitula, Dhruva
Today the reading has been done from the prashna itself , please refer to the panchang and see hwo the energy is matching the predictions of the prashna –
Today in the morning you will not turn on the lights of the house after waking up or the lights will get turned on late
Some kind of verbal fight or disagreement with the boss is seen as well as some important discussion or a start of a new plan will be discussed by the boss or the manager
Today will be a hectic day as you will be pressurized in terms of work , but while working the workflow will not be focused and you will take eating, water breaks in between
As you are reading this, please recall if Yesterday while sleeping you were watching something on the phone and fell asleep while doing so
There may be some issue with one of the employees as he/she may go in leave
Food may be brought from outside as well as consumption of something sweet may happen
Today you may clean you desk or the office chair or some adjustments can be made to the chair as it is not comfortable for you to Sit
Ashtami, Wednesday, Satabhishak, Vanija, Vyaghata
Today you will observe that in your phone or through the mail, there will be spam messages incoming all of a sudden
Issues related to communication and not taking things seriously may happen due to which you may face troubles, later on , also unnecessary gossip in the office may happen more today
Before going out to the market or the office, you may forget something and have to come back to get it again
Disputes due to money can happen as you, or the shopkeeper may not calculate correctly when you buy things – during the online payment the money will get stuck once or some mistake may happen
Today please start reading a good book as the energy will get balanced, as well as today you will use the lift in the office more than on other days as you have to go out
Please pay attention to the work which you are doing as you may skip some important details initially
Navami, Thursday, Poorvabhadrapada, Balava, Vajra
Today some plans and discussions will happen which will bring in changes in the long-term assignments which has to be executed in the office – for your personal life as well you will think for your future and make plans
Consumption of something sweet will happen such as besan ka laddoo
While doing the Puja there will be some emotional disturbance or full concentration in the Puja may not be present due to some pressure
Someone will need a lot of healing in the office as they will be emotionally disturbed or in depression – please help them accordingly
While you will start studying, you will study while eating something or start listening to a religious song – as well as there will be at least 2 breaks taken in 40 minutes of studying
Travelling can happen to a temple and this time when you reach the temple, either the pandit Ji will not be there or some obstacle will be present initially, after which you will be able to accomplish your task.
Dashami, Friday, Uttarabhadrapada, Taitula, Siddhi
Today is Dashami, and a lot of energy will be spent on doing the work in a systematic order throughout the whole day, all the minute details of the assignments will get done today one by one.
There will be a lot of mixed energies today, due to which several different works related to different areas of your life will get done today such as while you are working, you will have to talk to family or order something online all together
Multitasking will be something that will be done today, as well as some changes in the stationary will happen
Wearing of branded clothes will happen today but it will be an outfit that has some defects or has been stitched before
Food will come late as well as some of the food will be sour or some fruit may be consumed today
While you will travel and go outside – you may observe a barren or under construction area that is being repaired or built
Ekadashi, Saturday, Revati, Vanija, Vyatipata
As today is Ekadashi, the energy is of healing yourself through being in isolation and giving your brain the time to relax so that you heal internally – please avoid doing much work today and give yourself the time that your body needs
After waking up there will be problems related to waking up as you will sleep again after waking up
Today there will be some kind of spam call or some misunderstanding in the communication due to which verbal fights can happen
By the end of the day, there can be cloths that are not cleaned properly as well as you will come across clothes that need stitching
If you visit the market, you may buy things that are made of iron or steel such as a utensil or a frying pan
For those who are working today will be a hectic day and you will have to complete multiple tasks altogether, and all of those tasks may not even be related to one another
Dwadashi, Sunday, Ashwini, Bava, Variyan

Today a new cycle of the Moon is starting, you will get a lot of new ideas and these ideas will come in a flash to you – today is the day in which you will be very energetic and excited as to what is coming for the future – if you were getting stuck before, then during the coming month you will start something new but it will only happen through a major transformation

Today will be a very lazy day, you will enjoy relaxing on a big sofa and watching movies after a long time – when you will speak to someone on phone you will talk while lying down itself
Today you will talk to one of your school friends with whom you did not talk for a long time
There will be food that is brought from outside and you will order at least 3 things and while the payment, it will not happen at once as you may change the cart multiple times
You will play the role of some mediator or speak someone else’s words to another person, but it will be a very important situation because of which you will do it
There will be someone messaging in your phone but you will not reply to that message throughout the day

Trayodashi, Monday, Bharani, Kaulava, Parigha

Today as Moon is transitting the nakshatra of Bharani, today a lot of discipline and sacrifice would be needed throughout the day, such as you have to sacrifice your food or lunch in order to get the work completed, also you will not get time to talk to your family or on the phone with your friends due to the pending tasks. Today if someone will come to meet you, you will try to even avoid the meeting and let that person go.

Here are a few predictions using prashna for today, use correlate it with the panchang –
Today food will come late or the time for lunch will get delayed
Pain in teeth is also seen, as well as the specs which you are wearing will need to be cleaned due to dust issues or the specs will fall today
You will have some important conversation with the boss or the manager in the office will assign a very important task to you, but this task will get completed as well although it may take a toll on your health
Acidity issues may happen which can lead to irregular digestion

Chaturdashi, Tuesday, Krittika, Girija, Krittika, Shiva
Throughout the whole day, you will not be able to talk to your family, even the clothes which you may wear today is the one which is already used before and not cleaned
Today there may be some emotional trauma or some memories which you will remember and eventually let go
In work there will be consumption of food which have extra chilies or spices – as well as today the food consumption will happen on time
Today one of your friends or employees may ask for money as well as some discussion related to major trouble in their life will be done
Today you would have to go through several articles or ebooks which have been pending for a long or you will want to read something new
Pournima, Wednesday, Rohini, Siddha, Vishti
Today there will be something extreme in terms of either the profession or your own daily routine such as either you will not be able to do any work or you will be able to complete all the pending work by today
Going to the office or starting the day will happen late, as well as there may be some dispute with the authority or you will not be able to agree with their decision
Someone in the office is not emotionally stable or is going through a lot of trouble due to the family or due to disease – please help that person out accordingly
Today please start feeding the birds for everyone who is facing issues related to Mercury such as either you are not able to become organized or going through issues of loan, arguments, skin issues, etc – Lighting a Panchmukhi Diya with Sesame Oil during the time of Sunset in the North Direction and praying will help
Pratipada, Thursday, Mrigshira, Balava, Sadhya
As the energy is of Pratipada, today will be the day when you will feel very energetic and would want to start something new. Still, even today this energy will not be consistent due to which some of the ideas or the plans will not be executed or will be changed.
Today is one of those days where you may feel dehydrated due to which your energy levels may go down – please consume sufficient water through out the day
Also, some kind of water leakage may be faced today and soon around this event either you may get emotionally disturbed or a fight with your spouse may happen
Today your digestion will be good and food which is consumed today you will be able to digest it – as well as after eating you will spend a lot of time searching for something but eventually you will not be satisfied with the same
Dwitiya, Saturday, Ardra, Garija, Sukla
Prashna has been used today :
Today will be a day in which your mind and your soul will want two different things due to which you will not be mentally satisfied, most of the work done today will be performed with disinterest , today a lot of work will not be able to be completed , you may use certain shortcuts in your ways of completion of the tasks assigned but it till eventually cause distress – it would be better to wait or take a break instead of doing a half willed work.
Issues from either father or your siblings can happen today and you may not even get enough time to talk to the family or there may be an unwillingness to speak for certain time, as well as food and water intake will not happen on time and consumption of something sour will happen.
Prashna Has been used Today – Please correlated with the panchang as well :
Tritiya, Sunday, Punarvasu, Vishti, Brahma
Today will be a day where you will feel extreme lethargy while you work, you will not be willing to do your pending work due to which there will be delays, and there can be frustration today due to the work but instead of giving yourself pressure, please sit somewhere and relax for some time and give your body time for regeneration. Today is the day in which may be some kind of body or head ache as well – due to the work delay your boss may be dissatisfied with your work due to which he may insult or scold you.
Today is also the day in which, meditation and reading spiritual books will happen as there is some transformation that you want to bring into your life, this would be a slow and painful process but eventually, you will become very content and happy due to the same transformation – please listen to the Shiv Tandav Stotram multiple times with closed eyes
Chaturthi, Monday, Pushya, Balava, Indra
Today either you will face some kind of emotional disbalance or anxeity , or someone close to you either your silbings or collegues will face such issues – this is due to the some kind of family issue either with mother or with their childen , please talk to that person and help them accordingly. Also you would need to control your food habits or the water wastage as today both of them may happen , also your Comb needs cleaning.
Also your mother will ask you for some help in which you have to physically go somewhere , as well as if you are going out , the same event can happen with a old lady asking for money or some other resources. Emotionally this would be troublesome for your emotions espicially in the first half of the day due to pressure or due to some old memories , the 2nd half would be much better.
Panchami, Tuesday, Ashlesha, Vaidriti, Kaulava
Today problems with the significations of Mercury will be very prominent and you may get into fights due to ego, but actually, it would be a lack of understanding of the situation due to which you are unaware of certain things. Today before any debate please see the situation properly from both perspectives and then only speak, it would be much better.
There would be some kind of short travel to either the temple or to a barren land, as well as you will skip certain daily procedures due to emergency, as well as there would be some important task of father or boss which you may be given suddenly.
Lighting a Mud Diya with Desi Ghee in the time of Sunset will help.
Shasthi, Wednesday, Magha, Girija, Vanija
Today is one of the days in which the significations of Venus would be very prominent and you will have to help out either your wife, give money to someone, or provide medicines to someone who is sick. Today you will have to work and make a lot of corrections to something which has already been made before, due to which there will be a lot of work that will be redone. Today you may come across an old lady or a very small child who will ask you for money and please help them when this happens – also a lot of calls or emails will not be seen by you as you would not want to talk to any and stay isolated, interacting with certain people will be very much disliked by you – Before going to the office please listen to the Ganesh Aatharvashirsha.
Work will be a lot as usual, but today you will see that the office gossip is happening less or you are not involved in those communications due to which your productivity is increasing as well as today your boss may conduct a discussion regarding either the technicalities of your work or some salary/money related issue
Saptami, Thursday, Purva Phalguni, Vishti, Priti
Today is a day in which you will be in pressure due to some kind of work related to either writing or designing as well as you would have to give money to either one of your colleagues or your friends, as well as one of your old friends may need some physical help or an important advice in his life due to some critical situation – please do help them accordingly. Visit to the marketplace is also seen and there an old woman or a small child may be present whom you have to help to either cross the road or provide the child with some food – as well as some of the work will get delayed due to some paperwork or you have to do additional work in the current task which would be more than what you had expected. There will be clothes today which will need cleaning as well as your cloth cupboard would require cleaning due to dust formation. If you are facing problems regarding office work delay, please take any food of Jaggery today such as Ladoos made of Besan and Gur , and treat your office employees after going to offfice