Combinations of charts

Badhak Planet

If malefics get associated with Badhak planet – so all the significations of the planet sitting with badhak planet will be the cause of health – related troubles.
Badhak in 2nd house will created troubles related to family, money, resources and scarcity of people around you as its like never meeting right people at the right time.
Badhak planet in 3rd house will created issues related skillset and paperwork – your name, ID or the way you identify yourself will be big interpretation between reality and your brain.
Badhak planet in 4th house will create obstacles related to your mental peace and happiness you should get from masses and rejection from masses comes in.
Badhak planet in 5th house will create issues in learning, understanding and creating a vision in life.
Badhak planet in 6th house will create issues related to regular working hours and not able to understand the ground reality in terms of work to be done.
Badhak planet in 7th house will create issues related to partners and the way you understand your partners but working with mutual cooperation is not your cup of tea.
Badhak planet in 8th house will create major transformations every time you think you are settled in life.
Badhak planet in 9th house will create issues with higher authorities and principles.

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