Art of Sleeping – Best Remedy for 12th house

The Art of sleeping – A Art which should be taught to every human on earth to make sure he does not suffer due to health issues, Have you ever wondered why in such a competitive world people still need to sleep because if it comes to us humans we will find a way to not sleep and engage ourselves in some other useless work and some of us have already done it by disturbing our sleep cycle and schedule.

Is there any special procedure before sleeping -I mean how hard can this be to anyone- Sleeping- We are doing it from the day we are born – every night we go to bed and sleep to get ready for the next day workouts and as we get into bed with our thoughts and plans for future or some happy memory of the past we get to sleep.

Do we really get a good sleep ? The best way to check is next morning when you wake up – You should be happy and contented to start a day- If you are waking up with heavy head and lethargic in motion then you didn’t had a proper sleep and we will now examine few of the reasons in it.

We need to prepare our body to get into sleep mode – You just can’t get off the couch eating a cinnamon bun watching a web series and go to bed to sleep at 11 pm and trust me if you are doing this then you are forcing yourself to sleep with random thoughts and due to the fact that your brain is tired you will sleep for the cycle of 4 hrs. first and then 2hrs each and can wake up after 6 or 8 hrs. but again with a heavy head and no sleep satisfaction and the reason is you have not prepared the body or your brain to sleep – You just had reached your limit where your system had to take rest because now you know that next day you have to get up for the office.

The first part is preparing the body for sleep and this is done by having your last meal at 6 pm and at max 7 pm but nothing after this and this meal should be something light like porridge or oats and due to this light meal your stomach does not have to work hard and can really focus on healing your body while you go in a state of deep sleep otherwise if you sleep with heavy meal most of the time body is working to get this food digested and cannot work to heal you and neither you go in deep sleep after having pizza 10 pm dinner.

Once your body is ready then around 9 pm -leave all your gadgets -tv, phone, tabs aside and time to get disengaged so now we can prepare our brain to get into sleep mode -Play any raag for the night -I have my favorite one for the night below sit down on your nice chair and listen to the music while you apply coconut oil on your feet, body, and face as coconut oil is one the best things you can apply on your body as it gives a soothing effect to your brain and body and now you are getting prepared to sleep.

When you lie down in bed try not to make any angles -People who are under stress will sleep with a maximum number of angles in the body in a crouch position and this means you are afraid and sense of insecurity in you and in this position your brain will keep you alert that even at smallest of change in the room -you will wake up and check surroundings.

If you sleep in an exact straight position this gives a signal to the brain that you are worry-free and ready to receive healing and while you are lying straight try to watch your breath and think of the universe giving you everything you need and be grateful to the universe for providing everything and soon you will go in the state of deep sleep and healing of body and brain will start- if you are suffering from diabetes -check next morning your sugar will be considerably controlled as compare to previous mornings because your brain knows where to send healing hormones. If you were worried regarding Job or Work -then next morning you will realize that there is a certain amount of positive energy to work in a new direction reason being now your brain has given you a solution and motivation to work hard.

Something as simple as Sleep being a so effective remedy – This is your 12th house – the house of nature -where you can get connected to the outer world for few hours then why not get connected to the right source in dreams and that is why telling right night stories to kids is very very important so they can see all the good things in sleep but why to do injustice to yourself even when you are an adult -Why not to tell yourself a story or a good raag before going to sleep Why to watch violence’s or read something which does not help us in the growth of the brain in any way, Why not to read Munshi Premchand or tales from Ramayan or Stories of magic.

Make sure your sleeping clothes are special and are of light color- There is a very good reason why undergarments should only be white and similarly your sleeping outfits should be of very light color and very soft and even bedsheets should be of the fabric which should not create any sort of mental irritation, Everyone has their preferences towards the color of walls, bedsheets, paintings but in the bedroom – make sure there light colors and atmosphere of the bedroom should be of light colors.

Hormonal Imbalance & Jyotish-Autism, Diabetes, Thyroid

This is Part-1 of the article as there is lot of information to be given out in respect to each hormone and remedies related to it- In Part-1 we will look in to common factors causing this imbalance – how different planets and hormones are interlinked and what are some remedies we can use for Thyroid in both underactive and overactive thyroid.

As there is Surge in hormonal imbalance disease weather its a PCOD issue, Thyroid imbalance, Autism issues in new born or the slow killer diabetes all of them have one thing in common that something in our body became imbalance resulting in disease.

All these disease are the side effects of changing lifestyle because we have created an imbalance in our lifestyle and not giving enough time and respect to our body, brain and food. The first 2 are internal and third is external but remember the first two- Body and Brain will get affected by the food only.

Now what we are looking at today is Thyroid gland- In one of my live classes – While a student was asking a question – By observing her name and voice I told that her Mars is connected to 3rd house and she should get herself checked for thyroid issues and problems in relationships, during the class she didn’t respond but later on sent an email regarding the same.


Dear Sir, 
 I have attended your first QA session yesterday, it was very informative and helpful. During session you advised me to remove the letter ‘ T’ from my name. I want to  Thankyou for the guidance and I will follow your advice as soon as possible. You said I have problems in my relationships. It is true as I lost my mother in my childhood and father during post graduation. Problems in siblings life and in my daughter. I went to many astrologers but never be satisfied. I always feel the need of guru/ mentor in my life and as my pisces (9 th house) activated I started learning from you . I am feeling so blessed to learn from you. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart 🙏

The reason for this prediction was her voice had a bit of roughness like something is creating obstacle while speaking.

Thyroid is of 2 types -one is Over and another is under and this hormone is directly connected to Metabolism and very clearly you can predict this by using the position of Mercury- Mercury with Rahu/Mars or in houses of Rahu(8th-11) or Mars (1st and 8th) afflicted will give hyperactivity and along with Saturn and Ketu and in houses of Ketu (12th and 2nd) and Saturn (10th and 11th) and afflicted will give under development.

Now when its a case of hyper thyroid -the metabolism of person is very high and will be extremely skinny in appearance -while in other case native will tend to go fat in excess.

One of the main predictions you can do for these natives is that while growing up as a kid the never had a smooth family atmosphere and that tend to take away all the innocence of Mercury from it – One of the best remedy to balance this hormone is the art of doing nothing – As these natives pick up habits of engaging themselves in work which is not mandatory or necessary.

The art of Relaxation- The reason hormone is unbalanced is because native has forgot to enjoy live laugh like a child- He is keeping himself busy in either of the work and in both and under and over thyroid there are several predictions you can make like for under thyroid native will have habit to fault find and knit picking and over thyroid doing 10 things at a time. They are master of all traits as its difficult and irritating to talk to people with these combinations as you know that there talk will not have any outcome like a child speaks gibberish -same is the case with these natives and voice tone can make your ears bleed. exactly like Janice.

While the Fun fact is – In chart of Janice AKA- Margaret Emily Wheeler- There is a connection of Mars and Mercury and she did start her career by providing voice to animated characters as her Mercury is in 10th house and Mars is sitting in Mool trikon of Mercury, Connection of Mars and Mercury keeps person looking young and metabolism very active and you can imagine what Mercury Saturn connection would do.

Now let us come to serious part what these natives should do to calm down the thyroid issues-

Take meaningless walks like child -Nature walks/Jungle walk/ Evening walk- The walk on treadmill while loud music is played in background cannot be compare to a Jungle walk while watching a scenery or walk in a park as what you are doing while a nice brisk walk in a park without staring at a phone is – you are calming your brain down to rearrange thought process and when your brain is calmed it can send healing and hormones for your body function- This is process of disengaging yourself and let your inner child enjoy the beauty of garden, flowers as this is all Mercury.

Remember when as a kid you would run in park fearless and drink water from the garden hose without much of worries but all that play is now replaced by phones/ useless talks and no time is given to your own development.

Mercury gets Directional strength in Lagna- reason being -you need to take care of your thinking ability by keeping child inside you alive by dancing, singing, laughing and all this is a remedy for your thyroid imbalance.

The healing should not start due to outside medication but from inside as the problem has occurred from inside only and should be cured naturally when you will give time to your body and brain.

The art of doing nothing is a like aimless karma which you are doing to calm down mental activity so your logical brain gets shut down – Read any book with fiction like Magicians as this is developing faith system and fiction book does not have any logic only faith.

but the best of all the remedies you will get today from this blog is MEDITATION – You need to meditate and during meditation you don’t have to focus on anything but you have to learn how to defocus, Meditation does not have rules- It’s a state which happens when you practice defocus and decluttering of brain- When you have less thoughts in your brain and difference between these two thoughts is the 0 state that is termed as Moksha.

0 Which is ultimate – Where end and start points meet each other – the complete circle -that is moksha.

You will experience glimpses of it in meditation and all your problems related to thyroid will slowly start going away – you don’t have to focus on any chakra while meditation -leave the effort and let you breathe and vison yourself like you are watching everything from inside -the energy will flow and you will experience it from Moola Dhar Kendra to Agya chakra and whichever chakra you are on automatically you can feel it -from sensation of mooladhar to butterflies and cramps in stomach at the same time there will be days of aghya chakra when you will not be able to open eyes but do not try to do something.

Meditation can’t by systematic or procedural as it will show you so many deep visions and colors in your mind which you have from past life to open knots of this life and past life -Meditate.

Let me know how you like the article and if you need more guidance regarding meditation -I will try to cover it in detail.

Shivling – The Power Cosmos

Ever wondered why every scripture mentions that by even the smallest of effort Lord Shiv can be pleased and even Lord Shiv says to Maa Parvati that anyone in Pradosh kaal if anyone offers me bel patra -I grant everything he needs and forgive all his sins.

So Even Lord Shiv himself is telling you that even by a very small offering -I can be pleased but as all of us know that Lord Shiv has to be praised in form of Shivling and what is so special in shivling that it is bound to give you energy so quickly and easily.

Let us look at who lord Shiv is truly- Have you ever wondered why lord Shiv is Shiv – what makes him Viswanath – He lives in complete isolated place and has all the ghost, snakes, as his followers -who do not belong to a civilized society but anyone who is not accepted in society when accepted by lord shiv gets a respectable place-for example Lord Shiv is the only god in which whole family is worshiped and the ganas are also worshiped even the things we offer to lord Shiv cannot be offered to any other god- Everything is accepted as that is power to lord shiv that even if he resides in graveyard, applies ashes to body but his inner positivity is so great by meditation that anyone coming in contact with him gets praised- river Ganga on head and Moon placed called as Chandrashekhar – that even Moon is known for roaming around but with lord Shiv – constantly placed and becomes calm- that is also the effect of offering water and milk to Shivling that it gives constant wealth,

Now what is special in Shivling is that it is like a receiver due to shape of it – It is like an upward facing triangle- Please read article on Sarasvati yantra- Sarswati Yantra- Autism & Vaak Siddhi – Lunar-Astro , All the forces which we cannot see in the universe gets attracted towards the Shivling and it becomes the power cosmos- A receiver of energies – as when placed in temple -due to constant prayers and chants – a lot of positive energy is accumulated in Shivling which comes from universe and when we offer something in this power cosmos such as water, milk, honey- we get results very quickly.

Do not Keep Shivling at home -The reason is at your house there is now power receiver and at house you will not be able to control which type of energies you will attract and in earlier days the temple of Lord Shiv will not be merged with any other god but now a days you will see all Vaishnav and Shaiv at same place as the base energy of both Lord Vishnu and Mahakaal are entirely different and that is why keeping Shivling at home is not permitted- It is a same thing when you draw a triangle on phone wallpaper or making a triangle shape outside a house – soon you will start attracting energies which you will not be able to control -There is a reason why it is not advised to live in a house with 3 doors aligned as now according to Vastu what you have done is – you have made a pattern to attract energies in house. even keeping Idols of 3 equal Ganesh is not permitted until and unless you want to get connected to outer world.

Now when we have understood the energy of Shivling – you must realize that when you visit any ancient Shiv temple specially Jyotirlinga -there is a huge amount of energy in it and this can change fate for you- For example Kashi Vishwanath- Anyone experiencing problems in child birth should visit Kashi Vishwanath with faith and offer any small weapon like knife- why weapon? – This is because majority of the people who experience child birth issues is due to lot of violence’s of either words or weapons in past life – So offering a weapon to Vishwanath is asking for forgiveness for the sins of past life and grant them happiness from kids. The one thing which should happen after visit is that native should get hurt physically or mentally by someone words to make sure the visit was successful.

How do we check that this remedy has worked ? In 10-15 days from return from the temple -wherever the Jupiter is in chart will create a bad result – Please read- Remedy Worked!!! How to Check ? – Lal-Kitab

I will write another article on each Jyotirlinga and how it affects.

You want to see wat universe has to offer you make yoni mudra while meditation and you will realize slowly thought process is changing and you are attracting lot of positive and negative things in life as it depends on what kind of energy you are carrying or while making an important decision if you need signal from universe -sit down in this mudra and think for 5 mins while controlling your breathing. This is one of the miracles of this mudra that very soon you will get a signal – a nimit that weather or not you should go ahead or negate a plan.

Yoni Mudra

These are different everyday items you can offer to Lord Shiv in temple for various issues you face.

1) Problems in Job /Depression- Offer Black til and milk.
2) Married life – Offering Janeu (Cotton thread) and Beetel Leaves.
3) Health- Honey.
4) Kids- Milk and Desi ghee
5) Rahu/Ketu- Bhang/ dhatura/ flowers of these plants.
6) Removing obstacles- Bel Patra.
7) Flowers for intelligence.
8) Offering of roots of certain plants give immense wealth in various forms.

Planets visiting you

Do Planets Visit us ?

Yes they certainly do and this is something you can check very easily in your chart even if you very basic astrology- All you need to do is pay attention but the more important question is why any planet will visit you?

Every single planet sitting in your chart is there because that planet has a responsibility to deliver certain result -good and bad both but before even planet will deliver the result of good or bad -It will give you chance to improve and pay the debt you owe- Its like when someone owes us the money before going in to legal matter we try to resolve the issue by gently reminding person that you need to pay.

In case of planets it is bit different as planets will deliver results through common people as medium which represents them such as in dasa of Sun – Even before the dasa starts- either a government employee or fatherly figure will ask for something -In different signs it will behave differently such as Sun in Gemini in 5th house- father might ask for some old photograph or Rahu in 9th aspected by Mars- boss might have a weird demand -you can check now a days for Virgo ascendant Rahu is in transit from 9th house and Mars will join- the native will have problems related to boss and father.

Like, Here is another example-

Planets do visit you just before the start of dasha to make sure you can do a natural remedy, If you can do the remedy at that point of time- A lot of evil is ward off as planet himself has came and offered you a chance to correct a mistake- when #Saturn is in Pisces native must have taken someone’s sleeping area or destroyed a house of an old person where someone can rest- This can also be demolishing of a house of the people who are at lower section of the society also old people in their house will have bed broken and that is why their career will start to suffer,

Saturn in Pisces will make sure your expenses are not done in right manner and you try to save money in ridiculous ways and spend money where it is not even required.

Below i have taken comment from youtube from one the viewers whose mother is about to start his Saturn Dasha placed in Pisces and see how Saturn came to ask for remedy but unfortunately native denied.

Pari J • 1 day ago

15June1967 – 17:35, sanchore, raj Currently in Jup/Rahu dasha Saturn in pisces 5th house.. our househelper asked for bed.. but we denied it.. we were ready to give other many things… She didnt take any of those.. Next mahadasha is of saturn. Is there any remedy for this.”

This is one of the classic examples of Planets visiting you- Please have a very close attention to these people as planets visits just before the Dasha. This is the natural way of doing remedy and ward off evil. 100’s of viewers shared their experiences online for this and it was more amazing than i though.

It is not only the planets visiting you- Sometimes you also have to visit the planet but which planet- The planet which are sitting in earth trines as over a period of time – There is a pattern which you will notice with each and every planet -that how they tend to visit you- planets sitting in Taurus sign -you have to visit them for your own purpose or good to get better envoirment such as,

Planets sitting in Earth trines- Taurus/ Virgo/Capricorn – these are the planets in which you will visit them and give what they require such as an example.

Moon in Taurus- the person has to change his cook/or eating preferences and has to live in a better house/ location -he will spend money and will get cheated the reason is – he will hire contractor/ property dealer only because he had past life debt with them and it is not these people visiting him but he will visit these people.

Similarly Planets in Virgo- You will visit lawyers/doctors/enemies./medical insurance because there is a debt of past life against these people that is why before the dasa of planet sitting in Virgo start- It is better to get the life insurance or medical checkups done by this what you have done is -you paid things upfront so that you don’t have to go through any major problems in dasa- that is why taking money out from your regular earnings for donation is necessary.

Planets in Capricorn- You have to serve them -Its a sign and symbol of servitude in your chart and any planet sitting in this sign – you actually serve them with lot of hard work and feel cheated that is why for Pisces ascendant they work on very low salaries for employer reason being their are paying the past life debt to the employer as Capricorn lies in the 11th house of natal chart which is regular income, These people will work very hard to earn money but once this debt is over then only a regular income source comes to them.

Any planet sitting in sign of Capricorn – you are bounded by this planet to serve it, such as Mercury in Capricorn –the person serves the literature/kids/music without thinking about profit or loss and more honest he becomes in serving the Mercurian traits – better his career gets.

As this is the house of Karma not profession – Profession is just a small part of your karma- so any planet when sits in this house you not only work in that field – you work for that field- Like let us look at example.

This is a Chart of Mahatama Ghandi- Look at Capricorn sign- there is a Mukti karaka Ketu sitting there- Apply this another principle- Wherever Ketu Sits- It tries to give you freedom from that house and gets you liberated at least in terms of that house matters.

4th house is motherland -Sign of Capricorn- So he worked for the liberation of motherland, Similarly with someone Venus in Capricorn- you know whom the native has to serve.

Sarswati Yantra- Autism & Vaak Siddhi

This yantra in last few months I have given to several kids who were suffering from Autism and students of Jyotish -who require vak siddhi but before you rush to buy this Yantra- Wait and read article first to decide as there is a reason why this is not for everyone.

Understand Yantra first- A yantra means an Instrument or Machinery which is made to perform certain task but unlike any electrical or mechanical machines this is spiritual machine – A medium to perform certain things.

Any yantra which is build with the help of triangles represents that we require power and force from outside as triangle represents the from of Yoni or the gateway to enter the world or exit the world- as all the major yantra you will see which are mentioned in tantra nadi in which native requires helps from yaksh, gandrav, Yogini, Ashtmaitri are in the form of triangles as what we are doing we are asking for help from outside world and when we require objects in physical form -yantra will be in downward faced triangles as that represents female reproductive parts- Yoni or Vulva.

When we require help in spiritual form or power -Yantra will always be made with the help of upward direction of triangle as that represents lingam as triangle is the gateway to outer world and so is Ketu -Lingam represents as a receiver or antenna to act as a machinery that you are ready to receive power from outer world using this medium.

Try doing this as an experiment make a shape of triangle outside your house and you will see number of unwanted visitors will increase in your house as what you have done is – that you have given a mark to universe that you are open to receive. Try it in your phone by changing wallpaper to triangle or patterns of triangle.

You will suddenly experience lot of activity is happening in phone as what you have done is – you have opened a gateway a yantra – a passage for energy – Just a simple experiment by drawing a pattern you are giving signal to universe that you are open to receive energy either is physical form or spiritual form.

The oldest Sri- yantra which is formed with the help of 47 triangles when drawn of Shiv lingam do wonders for sadhaks of Sri yantra.

Shiv Lingam with Shree Yantra

Now when you have understood the basic of Yantra but getting a yantra in a particular Muhurta is not enough as there are yantras which are for various purposes and can be made -It is like getting a machinery but every machinery has a fuel and it is most important and this is different for different yantras.

Regarding Sarasvati Yantra- The yantra is made with upward facing triangle and with the seed mantra of Ahem as what this seed sound contains is million possibilities depending on how you are going to pour the fuel in it and I will to fuel part in few mins.

Sarasvati Yantra holds capabilities to sharp your brain, thinking pattern and enhance the way you speak, It increases focus in achieving goals as you start getting help from outer world-but only if you are capable to do Sarasvati mantra regularly.

The complete Sarasvati mantra is ” ॐ सरस्वतें ऐं नमः” and then later on can be done as “ॐ ऐं नमः”
This mantra should be done after taking shower in normal or cold water bath sitting in a clean place by placing a woolen cloth first on ground and offering flowers to Maa Sarasvati- minimum 5 mala daily until you complete 1.25 lacs and then can be continued for life time.

Everyone of you will get different results based on what speed and focus you do the mantra – It is like everyone has same car but how efficiently you can drive it depends on skill set- so some of you will get very quick results – if you are focus and dedicated as Yantra helps you by the energy generated by you during Jaap to get you help from outside world, So if you are doing Jaap in random speed – this is least effective as you are not controlling your breathing and chanting quickly but when you control your breathing and say the seed mantra in long manner by the humming sound – the energy generated will be of greater intensity.

If you cannot do Jaap and meditation then this yantra will be of no use and this is case for any yantra until and unless you give fuel -it will not work – In case of small kids suffering from autism- parents can do the Jaap by keep a water in ewer pitcher(Lota) and then make sure kids wear it in neck.

How to Check- You should be able to check this yantra is working or not as every yantra- I have seen has a different energy outburst -The day you start doing Jaap -observe closely -there will outburst of energy in house via electrical equipment’s like blown MCB or TV gone bad or water pipe will break out or mirror will automatically break and this is very good if it happens in first 15 days as this shows yantra is working- In individual charts you can pin point house area and events but to not make this article complicated – Read- Remedy Worked!!! How to Check ? – Lal-Kitab

Now when you understand how this is going to work and what is required on your end now you can go ahead for Sarasvati yantra as Muhurta is Basant Panchami- This yantra is useful for kids suffering from autism, to mitigate negative effects of Lord Rahu, Mercury issues in chart, anyone who require vaak siddhi. This yantra can be wore by anyone without any side effects.

I am thankful to Vedvaani publications -who took the pain and initiative to do this without any profit as I told this to several of my students and I was not in a favor to buy yantras in bulk from market as the quality of silver would have suffered – Vedvaani publication got everything made inhouse from buying silver to die making process-along with poster of Maa Sarasvati which you can paste in your pooja room or get it framed including postage this is 1100 Inr.

Here is the link for Vedvaani publication-

I hope it helps all the kids who are suffering from Autism.

Career & Magnetic Poles.

Magnetic water therapy for anyone suffering in terms of career/position/clarity regarding goals. I tried this in my consultations along with traditional remedies and results are far better.

South -Which is represented by Capricorn in chart is a Magnetic pole and when this house is empty and lord is not well placed the native suffers in goals.
Classic says- Native with no planets in 10th house or in Capricorn are not worth looking as planet in Capricorn make sure that the energy of Capricorn -which is Karma is delivered through this particular planet.

Mars in 10th house or in Capricorn Rasi/Navansh deserves moksha- and will be free from bondage- which makes sense – To do any kind of Karma – the first thing person requires is the body-which in natural zodiac is ruled by Mars.

Mars being fiercely and dutiful planet leaves no stone unturned to execute the karma assigned to native while Jupiter in Capricorn gets troubled as native is not able to control the people working under him as Jupiter being the planet of Dharma and natives with this positions should remember the Gita- That every action has some kind of problem associated with it but we need to perform irrespective of good and bad without attaching ourselves to the karma.

Now Coming back to Magnetic therapy- South being direction of magnetic pole with lines running North to South also shows energy accumulations.

Start with simple remedies- It will take around 1 month and changes will be visible in mindset to perform work in more clear and concise manner –

Like feedback from readings are-
Native got very clear in terms of how he can overcome obstacle at work.
Instead of fear of losing work- natives tend to explore more opportunities, Like some kind of mental blockade is removed and it improves overall performance.
Become active in improving lifestyle/eating habits and energy is on another level.
Health has improved and morning lethargies is gone.
Very clear in making decisions.

What is the Remedy?

1) Start with sleeping direction of head position South.
2) Take 2 Magnets big one’s -which you get from speakers- -Place Negative on the bottom and positive one on the top of water glass overnight and in morning drink this water.
Search for Magnetic water bottle- A client from Brazil got this locally but not available in India.
3) People with Ra/KE on 4/10 or cancer/Capricorn axis- or anyone suffering from anxiety issues- start with ashwgandharist twice a day after meal.

Family & Finance Chart- True Hora Chart

Hora Chart- Which should ideally show all financial and wealth related matters and moreover timing could have been done using Hora Dasa but over a period of time – I found it limited to use as in some charts weather it being a Labh Mandook or Cyclical chart, that is why I had to create a True Hora chart which can give clear picture about native’s wealth and family.

Hora chart should show if someone is adopted or born in rich family or family of Brahmins as 2nd house is our initial training, There is no remedy for the second house as when we speak our ancestors speak in us -Our Gurus speak in us and it is inbuilt from several generations that is why to learn how to speak is very important and this is the main reason why some people remain daridra throughout life.

Remedy for 2nd house is to learn to speak and control food habits.

This Varga chart is the one which is the least used due to limited information available but as an astrologer I should have been able to see that if the child is adopted or wealth prospect -all of this has to be seen in Hora chart.

To Calculate True Hora chart use this- table below-(Will be released in excel sheet with analytics so whatever data you will enter will compile with already available 1000’s of chart and give you a pattern similarly all researchers will be able use the analytics for other research purpose and see their research results soon so it can automatically calculate the Hora chart- This is done to avoid any manual mistakes in calculation and moreover compile large amount of data.)

One thing to keep in mind in doing research is- be open to fail and admit if it does not work as the above chart which is derived is after lot of trial and error method until and unless I found this True Hora chart, Never try to superimpose anything as that will close the door of learning further and moreover improvement of Jyotish.

Let us look at some of the charts to determine weather we can figure out following things from this chart.

1) Wealth
2) Good and Bad Financial time Periods
3) Family
4) Environment while growing up
5) Source of wealth

I consider 2nd house to be most important house as this house is a key for house number 5/8 and 11 as they are all connected – If someone has a good second house the rest of 3 houses start to improve, Such as 2nd house is our food habits -so if someone eats food which is stale -5th house which is stomach gets affected, then person gets problem in the 8th house of disposal of food.

So remedy for 5th house which is knowledge, Intelligence, Thinking ability is all controlled by 5th house- In Ayurveda it is said- The root of all problems will start from stomach but stomach is again controlled by 5th house, Shri K.N Rao in one of his books mentioned effects of 5th house with the help of several examples that how Rahu in 5th house due to jealousy person spoiled his brilliant career -That how negative thinking of 5th house Saturn will cause depression and lead to downfall in life, Malefic in 5th need to be controlled by keeping control over 2nd house of Speech and food.

Let us look at some of the case studies- This research is done with the help of analytics tool which shows true results.

I was able to publish this one as trying to complete one article from last 3 days- In continuation- from second post- I will add more charts to show how more rules can be applied.

This is a Hora chart of Andre Citoen-

French industrialist, the creator and manufacturer of a front wheel drive car,
the Citroen. During WW I his company mass-produced munitions and post-war, turned to automobile works. He introduced Henry Ford’s assembly line methods to the European auto industry when he established one of the largest factories in France.

Let us analyze chart as this will help you understand how to read this chart. As some of the students of Lunar Astro has already the calculation part but some were lacking in Interpretations.

Let us look at Chart in General-

Ascendant has Mars -Saturn Opposition -Ascendant of Hora chart shows inclination from which person can earn money- Saturn- Mars on 3-9 axis shows Machinery, forging, Factory- While Ascendant lord Jupiter exalted in 8th shows out of box thinking of the native but same combinations of Mars- Saturn and Jupiter in 8th shows that native will create wealth and then has to loose it – As native is born in Vimshottari Dasa of Jupiter.

Saturn Mars on Lagan axis of Hora chart made him industrialist and ascendant lord in 8th gave him courage to think out of the box

I have also marked Arudha Lagna – 2nd and 11th from AL -there is Exalted Venus placed in 2nd from it and 11th house has Mars placed aspected by Saturn and Venus (Jaimini aspects).

In one look -9th house looks troublesome as placement of Ra -Ke in it but also 9th lord is debilated- Unfortunately during dasa of Jup- Ven-Sun – at the age of 6-his father committed suicide.

A dasa which was specially for this chart was running of Sagittarius-Taurus- Mars is gnatikarka in chart and Moon is Pitrakarka- In dasa of Saggi- Taurus -something bad is indicated for father.

Look at the position of all 3 planets- they are placed 3/8/12 to 9th house -One of the observation of this hora chart is that during the death or any mishap of any relative 3rd from that house will be active- Such as for mother 6th house will be active along with other Marak houses.

Dasa Of Ketu Mercury proved very fatal for him- As Rahu/Ketu dasa depends on house lords and in this case being of debilated planet and not help from anyone -it showed that he started making wrong decisions and as soon as Venus dasa started- he lost control of factory and filed for bankruptcy.

Venus has malefic aspect of Saturn and Mars and lord is placed in 8th house and also Sun sitting in mool trikon of Venus not helping much.

Karma & 7th house

7th house is one of the important houses as it shows the desire of the native – In a lifecycle -the 7th house completes the native but one of important aspect of this house is the image of the native- what society thinks about him and how a native interacts with the outer world. This house is also a stage where everyone has to perform -now good or bad depends on native as there is lot of freewill in this house.

Whichever planet will be in the 7th house is a challenge given to you in this life to master it – If You can have a very challenging 7th house with lot of malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun placed in it then intensity of these difficulties are on a never ending game and benefic planets will will also give you challenges but not in extreme manner – these challenges are given to overcome and improve to continue the Journey of life.

On the Pending karma part this house gets activated in a manner -that we all have to go through this part- Let us look at some of the examples from pending karma point of view.

Chart-1 Belongs to Mahatma Gandhi- Jupiter in 7th house- He has Jupiter in Martian Sign -so his image of Mahatma with nature of strict principles and new ideology look at retro Jupiter- Something very new which no one had heard of before became the image of Mahatma Gandhi and he struggled the attributes of Mars in Venus sign -sexuality which he admitted in his book. The challenged he faced was of discrimination while travelling -(3rd lord in 7th house) Publicly humiliated -this was the challenge life gave him – At that point his was running Bhrighu Dasa of Aries- Saggi -both houses clearly Indicate that some challenged will be faced while travelling.

7th house is of Open War- so Whenever life give you challenge related to 7th house you will have no option other than to fight it as the biggest karma of Prarabdh you have accumulated in this life will be coming from 7th house.

For example someone with Saturn in 7th house – The biggest challenge the native will face is of Principles- Native will be challenged to follow the principle in work place and it able to retain same Saturn will be benefic as now its in hand of native to follow the principle part in workplace and business and his married life and image of being a tight neck will be always be there but at the same time the image can be of cheater in case native was not able to stick to the principle.

Rahu in 7th house will give you challenge to openly fight for others even when its not in your interest – You can go ahead and check that this native will get several chance to openly fight for others -Let us suppose -native has sign of Gemini in 7th house then native will get chance to fight for siblings, neighbors, People whom he met during travel – sometimes he will raise voice and every time he will fight – the 7th house starts getting better- his business starts getting better otherwise same person will be troubled by Siblings, neighbors and cheated by them badly.
Ask native who has Rahu in 7th weather or not he has been subjected to conditions where he had to help siblings, neighbors fight for them and when he did after that the bigger the fight and help becomes -The native gain substantial amount of fame in life. The public image and business boomed.

A classical remedy is to offer sword in temple for Rahu in 7th – understand the meaning behind it rather than giving out a sword – A sword is given in temple to take blessing before going on War but in today’s world and this native with Rahu in 7th has to fought war for these people to get rid of the debt, Please go out check in several charts and give feedback in comment section as revealing this type of information which does not come from books and after lot of hard work and looking in to several charts is reveled out for everyone to make sure Jyotish progress in the direction where people should understand the real meaning of remedies and planetary placements rather than superficial remedies.

All I expect from readers is to test on 10 charts whom they know inside out and give out results, You will be surprise to see the results of this technique.

Story of Gratitude & Devotion

So this is a beautiful story of showing gratitude and how Mahakaal take care of everything -If we just surrender everything over to him.

One of my Seniors in robotics industry -An ex-navy guy -I knew him from past 10-12 years, A real gentleman on the field and always ready to help anyone he will come across through his wisdom and knowledge, I always told him that after robotics he should open a tour and travels as he has knowledge of every single religious destination on every minute detail from booking travel routes to timing of darshan-name of local drivers, name of priest of all these temples and being in trust of Mahakaal temple – he knows how to arrange everything, Whenever you will meet him – his talks will always revolve around temples and stories related to it.

If anyone call him that they want to visit certain temple for any pooja – he will just go along – book all ticket on his expenses and arrange everything smoothly- Like one of friends son once said -I want to visit Malikaarjun to do pooja but…. he stopped him at but and said let us go tomorrow by flight- make sure h get that particular pooja done and then return back home, and this is not his profession or Job but the devotion and dedication towards Mahakaal.

So about a 2 weeks back someone requested that they need to visit Bhimshanker Jyotirling if he can arrange it for them- As after lockdown- this was first opportunity he said why not I will go along with you and my family to in total of 6 people his family and and mother daughter duo went on to trip of Bhimshanker.

Somehow the flights got delayed and by the time they reached Bhimshanker -it was 8pm – Anyone who has visited bhimshanker knows that it gets really dark and silent by that time as temple is located in the outskirts and moreover roads are like the one below during day as well.

Jungle on sides and empty road -you can imagine what it will be like at 8pm and everything was closed, So anyhow he called the Priest that they are arriving and they kept the door open -so finally they did their pooja offer to lord Shiv and came out.

As it was Tuesday and fast of this person – he hasn’t had food since morning -after pooja he asked priest he there is any place to stay- which priest said at present there is nothing so all of them came back to Car this person was thinking – I have 4 females with me and one young kid and there is no place to stay and as he was climbing stairs up- rain also started, so he said ok the worse comes to worse we will sleep in car without food.

He asked driver to drive to see if any hotel or motel nearby – The signal in phones were troublesome in area and also very less battery left but in search for some food -they started driving but anyone who has visited Bhimashanker knows there is nothing in that area and after lot of driving you will find villages and in night time in rain its impossible anyhow while driving driver hit something and they had to stop -In night he was not able to saw the milestone and had a minor scuffle on side of the tyre- While he was inspecting the car- they saw a light – He asked the driver about that place as he was local – he said never visited this placed and don’t know what it is? As there was no sign board or name displayed.

So He went down from car rushing in to see that its a restaurant- wonderful -only one man present- sitting on a sofa listening to old traditional music of Veena- This man was around 6ft 2″ long face but peaceful looking face-very calm- As soon as our friend entered and asked with curiosity, because somehow he was sure the answer is NO. – Do you have any food available ? but the answer was positive so in surprise and happiness- he signaled everyone to get out of car and enter the restaurant.

So the arrangement was of like someone’s drawing room turned in to restaurant – and he asked owner what is available for dinner, to everyone’s surprise he pulled out a big menu and said order whatever you want.

Everyone looked at each other in amaze but as everyone was discussing owner said take dal fry thali and everyone agreed to it because till now no one was even expecting if he and his wife alone can mange dal fry and let us agree to whatever is available – but as god has always other plans- The food comes with lots of extra like rice, poppadum, sweets, salads, starters, Soup, and several other vegetables and there was Just 2 people- This Husband and wife and everyone wondered how she is doing all thing alone in mere 30 mins the food was served -freshly cooked -none of them imagined that they can have such a luxurious meal in middle of nowhere.

In the whole process no saw the wife all they saw that she was listening to music of Veena and wearing pink flower saree with white background.

The thali looked like something below which everyone looked as amazed and the our friend was thanking god as this was his first meal of the day in a deserted place like this.

So anyhow once they were done with dinner now he asked the owner if there is any hotel available nearby to stay in night to his amazed he said -We also have rooms to stay as this was again surprise as all he can see was small cottage home turned in to restaurant and he had all this weird thought of everyone sleeping on floor but the night was full of surprises- Hotel owner said come with me – Let me show you rooms.

So they went out of backdoor and there was another cottages build with exactly 3 rooms – and mint fresh -clean bedsheets and like any other 5 star hotel room- so they took all 3 rooms and went to sleep and still could not believe that they fund this place and out friend kept on thanking Bhimashaker for his mercy and providing everything and as they wake up next morning -he said let us go once again to thank Bhimashankar Bhagwan and then we will do breakfast but the owner said take your luggage’s with you as cleaning will be done early here and can’t guarantee on workers -so they did a checkout and While checking out he asked the owner for bill and phone number for future purpose – The owner said come for breakfast – I will give you my card and total amount as well as till now he hasn’t taken a 1rs for anything said will come back for breakfast and everyone mounted in car went to Bhimashanker early morning to pay gratitude for everything-attended the Aarti and now they decided let us go back to hotel to have some breakfast.

The story gets complicated here as their is only one road to go down and you can’t miss anything which comes in between but they were never able to find that restaurant again -so they tried to go back and forth couple of time to see if they have missed that restaurant in between -asked the locals around if they know any restaurant like this nearby as driver was local so he knew that place very well- Even he went on like crazy that I am sure -the hotel was at this site which is now jungle- he said “I knew this place inside out as I come here at least 3 times a week” Then he showed everyone that this was the milestone – I parked my car and milestone can’t be changed.

This incident shooked everyone to the core that rest of the time everyone had tears in their eyes for gratitude of Bhimashanker that how something like this is even possible, when my friend told me story – Both of us sat down and use google map to see if he is not hallucinating but none of the hotels which are nearby Bhimashanker were there as when we enquire by call we found out most of the hotels are either closed temporarily due to covid or they just does not match the description of 4 cottages, One more interesting thing has happened since that event that my friend is suddenly losing weight and not well since then as this incident has shocked him deeply.

I have nothing to say in terms of who the hotel owner were and how it all happened but what i see is that gratitude towards ishwar and habit of thanking every moment- Mahakaal take cares of everything.

Obstacles Remover-MARS

Whenever we start something new -there are chances that we get numerous obstacles in starting new work/Job- starting a house construction or buying a new piece of land or sometimes to break the monotony of life we require some power and strength to make new decisions.

The 1st house, Aries and Mars are responsible to start something new as whenever you will start something new -a lot of energy is required- even the opposite house of marriage requires energy of the Mars to get started.

As Mars is the passion to get going, take risks and start something new while the 8th house from it which is the drainage sign of Scorpio- Which is where obstacles are that is why before starting any work we start with pooja of Lord Ganesh to give us blessing and remove all obstacles.

A very simple principle of Aries sign and 1st house is that whenever dasha of this planet will come something new will start- Even same is the case with any planet sitting in Janam nakshatra and also with Ascendant lord as all of the signifies a new beginning – a starting – Even more than Mars and Aries -It is the ascendant lord which shows new beginning in your life as your life has started from that particular planet.

so when someone feels like a stalemate in life a generalized remedy is – pray to Shree Hanuman -this can be done is various forms- You can start with Hanuman Chalisa or Sundar Kaand on Tuesdays or Saturdays, Most common is to do hanuman chalisa 21 days 21 times daily while practicing food control (without onion/garlic), sleeping on floor to give you energy to bring life force in your life to remove all obstacles.

As the energy of Mars is just opposite as of Saturn which is a old mature man but one very significant trait of Mars which very few people have observed is to work with minimum resources and get going as its a matter of life and death.

Let me give out one of the other remedies for Mars which I have been able to decode from Lal- Kitab – Wherever the Mars is in whichever house-donate sweets/food or any basic survival item in that area- as basic survival is food/shelter/clothes as an example if someone has Mars in 12th -Lal kitab says there will be hospital near by house and native as a remedy should donate regularly to hospitals/cremation grounds– One more clue Lal kitab has given us here is that Lal kitab is using position of Mars to see what will be near the house but if you read prashna marg carefully (In between the lines).

Somewhere it is written – to predict from where native is coming -see the Ascendant lord as that is the Janma of that lagna so during prashna if you get Moon ketu in lagna in Jupiter sign -Ask native if he just had curd and then there are various combinations of food you can make.

Anyhow this is not the article for Prashna -but to give you remedies to come out of stalemate positions in life and the passion to do something new-Also same remedy can be performed with the help of Ascendant lord and where energy of the ascendant is as that is the life force in individual’s chart.