Art of Sleeping – Best Remedy for 12th house

The Art of sleeping – A Art which should be taught to every human on earth to make sure he does not suffer due to health issues, Have you ever wondered why in such a competitive world people still need to sleep because if it comes to us humans we will find a way to not sleep and engage ourselves in some other useless work and some of us have already done it by disturbing our sleep cycle and schedule.

Is there any special procedure before sleeping -I mean how hard can this be to anyone- Sleeping- We are doing it from the day we are born – every night we go to bed and sleep to get ready for the next day workouts and as we get into bed with our thoughts and plans for future or some happy memory of the past we get to sleep.

Do we really get a good sleep ? The best way to check is next morning when you wake up – You should be happy and contented to start a day- If you are waking up with heavy head and lethargic in motion then you didn’t had a proper sleep and we will now examine few of the reasons in it.

We need to prepare our body to get into sleep mode – You just can’t get off the couch eating a cinnamon bun watching a web series and go to bed to sleep at 11 pm and trust me if you are doing this then you are forcing yourself to sleep with random thoughts and due to the fact that your brain is tired you will sleep for the cycle of 4 hrs. first and then 2hrs each and can wake up after 6 or 8 hrs. but again with a heavy head and no sleep satisfaction and the reason is you have not prepared the body or your brain to sleep – You just had reached your limit where your system had to take rest because now you know that next day you have to get up for the office.

The first part is preparing the body for sleep and this is done by having your last meal at 6 pm and at max 7 pm but nothing after this and this meal should be something light like porridge or oats and due to this light meal your stomach does not have to work hard and can really focus on healing your body while you go in a state of deep sleep otherwise if you sleep with heavy meal most of the time body is working to get this food digested and cannot work to heal you and neither you go in deep sleep after having pizza 10 pm dinner.

Once your body is ready then around 9 pm -leave all your gadgets -tv, phone, tabs aside and time to get disengaged so now we can prepare our brain to get into sleep mode -Play any raag for the night -I have my favorite one for the night below sit down on your nice chair and listen to the music while you apply coconut oil on your feet, body, and face as coconut oil is one the best things you can apply on your body as it gives a soothing effect to your brain and body and now you are getting prepared to sleep.

When you lie down in bed try not to make any angles -People who are under stress will sleep with a maximum number of angles in the body in a crouch position and this means you are afraid and sense of insecurity in you and in this position your brain will keep you alert that even at smallest of change in the room -you will wake up and check surroundings.

If you sleep in an exact straight position this gives a signal to the brain that you are worry-free and ready to receive healing and while you are lying straight try to watch your breath and think of the universe giving you everything you need and be grateful to the universe for providing everything and soon you will go in the state of deep sleep and healing of body and brain will start- if you are suffering from diabetes -check next morning your sugar will be considerably controlled as compare to previous mornings because your brain knows where to send healing hormones. If you were worried regarding Job or Work -then next morning you will realize that there is a certain amount of positive energy to work in a new direction reason being now your brain has given you a solution and motivation to work hard.

Something as simple as Sleep being a so effective remedy – This is your 12th house – the house of nature -where you can get connected to the outer world for few hours then why not get connected to the right source in dreams and that is why telling right night stories to kids is very very important so they can see all the good things in sleep but why to do injustice to yourself even when you are an adult -Why not to tell yourself a story or a good raag before going to sleep Why to watch violence’s or read something which does not help us in the growth of the brain in any way, Why not to read Munshi Premchand or tales from Ramayan or Stories of magic.

Make sure your sleeping clothes are special and are of light color- There is a very good reason why undergarments should only be white and similarly your sleeping outfits should be of very light color and very soft and even bedsheets should be of the fabric which should not create any sort of mental irritation, Everyone has their preferences towards the color of walls, bedsheets, paintings but in the bedroom – make sure there light colors and atmosphere of the bedroom should be of light colors.

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  1. Thank you very much sir… I too feel the same thing which you have expressed….

    Bhavadiya sai prabhakar

  2. Sir , my pendining karma is in 12 th house(hidden enemies) . I never get sleep properly unless i take alchohol or other alternatives. Please suggest some remedy

    1. Best remedy has been told, I also do below ,just remember and reciet RAM RAM RAM, remember your smiling face , now continuously monitor your movement of breathing and ask your brain to mentally say Shanti Shanti Shanti, in few moments your breathing will get in rhythm and you will fall asleep. โ˜บ๏ธ

  3. Hello Sir, How do people who have shift work calm down their mind? I work from 12-21:30. I also have moon and ketu in 12th house. I will try the other guidelines and will let you know the result.

    1. Yes, this is the real question. How should people, who work in various shifts across the day (especially those who start there work hours / shifts after 1700 or 2100 Hours try the above guidelines?) I am myself an example of this cruel work timing since I usually start around 1700 / 2100 hours and have been doing this for the past decade. Not only my sleep but health also has gone for a toss.

  4. Amazing, i sleep in exact straight position. My 12th house is empty and its lord sun is exhalted in 8th house. I generally get good sleep

  5. Sarika Agrawal

    Thank you for the Blog and your time ๐Ÿ™..Every time there is something new to learn and pass on.
    In gratitude of your knowledge..and to God ๐Ÿ™

  6. Deepangshu ji ..yesterday I literally cried for sleep as because of shift duty I can only sleep 2hrs a day all this week and I have a child to take care of as well. Is there anyway to make a 5 years old sleep fast and long. From the day my kid is born he does not want to sleep . anyway to make him fall asleep fast . Tia

    1. Varada Hardikar


      Sir will of course guide you better.
      But I am just sharing my experience as a mother.
      First and foremost remember that children need at 10-11 hours of sleep. Not 8 like adults.
      So count backwards. When does s/he needs to wake up? So count when s/ he needs to sleep to get 9.5-11 hrs.
      But crucial is the whole house needs to be involved. How can the child sleep if everyone else is still acting ki there’s lot that will be happening? So as a family decide to light off, tv off n pretend all gonna sleep.
      Next have a wind down routine. May be bath, night dress, milk, story time( most imp– like sir said).
      It’s lot of hard work. In the beginning.
      Massage oil( sir said n it works)
      There are few pressure points. Caress top of head or lightly press ear lobes and side of the palms( edge along the little finger)
      At first the child will get out of the bed. Let him.. All have to pretend to sleep. It may take a week or more. Pl persist. Dont give up

      This is a very big thing you will do for your child especially when school is around corner at age 6

      I know you work. So u will hve to involve all family members. This is harder then getting the child into a new habit:) believe me.

      But you can. We did. My child is 8 now.
      Finally follow babycenter website US version. Best info on net
      Best luck.
      What I am saying is what sir said I have been following n it works.
      Thanks sir giving us common sense stuff. Following easy stiff is actually difficult lol

      Regards and best luck

      Varada Hardikar

  7. Sir, I have never woken up refreshed in the last 25 years. And my energy levels are so low during the day, and I am so sleepy during the day. I am Scorpio ascendant and no planets in the 12th house. For the last one year I finish dinner by 6.30 pm but there isn’t much improvement in my condition. Sometimes I feel I have slept well, but still always sleepy during the day. This problem has turned my life upside now. Good energy has become wishful thinking for me.

    1. You might be having problem of low metabolism, a lot of aam (ayurvedic term ) in your body makes you lethargic.

      Use black Pepper or shunthi (dried ginger) in your diet You will be benefited. Caution If suffering from acidity take small amounts.

  8. ๐Ÿ™๐ŸปThank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป appreciate your knowledge and sharing it. ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ God bless you with all happiness. Keep up the divine work

  9. agarwalharshit3107

    Namaskar Sir, I’m reading this article after midnight so that sums it up everything about my sleep cycle. I can’t express how apt this article is. I have my Sun and Mercury in the 12th house for leo ascendant and I’m getting what you are saying in this article.
    I’m an ardent follower of your page and your youtube channel for some time now. Lately i have been planning to join your predictive astrology course but have a few queries and doubts. Kindly throw some light on how to resolve them. Please share some contact info where and how i can get in touch with you. It will be of great help.
    Thanks and Regards
    Harshit Agarwal

  10. Sameeksha Pratap

    Thankyou for the article sir, I want to share that whenever i sleep straight, I often get into sleep paralysis. Please guide on the same… ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  11. I have 12 th sun in Virgo ascendent agar m so Jau to pata n kha hu i am just kumbhkaran i love sleeping i can sleep continuously 24 hrs

  12. How lucky your family members are , specially ur kids, they get right upbringing from the even we will try do the same.

    Thank you so much sir for sharing this as even I hv this sleep issue,though my 12 house is empty , no aspect too.

  13. Thank you sir I really need this. You are always there to help me and guide me please help me to stable my mind too.i feel to have fear inside me for future. I want to grow and want to overcome of it.

  14. I am grateful to hear you Sir! An article for a healing sleep . Yes i do not sleep straight . Sir You are an Angel from God’s healing team.All my life i went through self help books,engaged in understanding Human Behavior to search how to Heal. Lord keep You safe and your loved ones. Pranam.

  15. What magic you are doing I do not know that I have become very passionate in learning astrology. I spend hours in going through your vedioes .

  16. Thank you
    I smiled (beacuse felt a little connection) when I saw the healing ragas as suggested music because even i listen to it when i am tensed and worried and it is very peaceful.

  17. Sir in today’s today’s world it is really impossible to have dinner latest by 6 or 7. Most ppl are still in office or in traffic at that time. Even putting away all gadgets like TV, phone is difficult to implement practically.

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  19. Tathagat Behera

    Thank you Deepanshu sir for your valuable information.It really help needy and stressed people like me.May Mahakal bless you.

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