The most awaited course on Karma and Relationships!


This is a Course not only on Matchmaking with your spouse but also in terms of relationships with every person who enters your life – Your Spouse, Your kids, employees, and what changes any person can bring in your life when they enter you.

Like a common Myth is – a person who has their ascendant sign in 6/8/12 to your ascendant is not good for you but that is not true as these half statements should be analyzed by proper reasoning and procedure-Only one factor cannot determine the relationship.

Ashtkoot Milan is based on Moon but this will only work if you have planned your birth in today’s time this type of matchmaking is not relevant at all so we are going to discuss the proper way of matching charts by understanding the chart rather than just being dependent on software and table provided.

Why some people are karmically linked to you for shorter time periods – Why some people are linked to you for a lifetime? What is your spouse?

Why do we suffer in married life due to past life actions?

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